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Thanks everyone,


Name: Bruce Timbrell
Subject: Lost
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2016 16:35:05

Question or Comment:
I am looking for anyone one who may have known Peter (Pete) A. Klinke from Eureka MT. He served in North Africa and was shot down over Italy where he was taken in by an Italian family.
He was quite short and was (I believe) an upper gunner and engine mechanic.
He passed 2 years ago and I lost a dear friend.
Any posts will be replied to and will be gratefully appreciated

Name: Brady Swinney
Subject: Lt. Findley Swinney
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016

Question or Comment:
I am a retired Lt. Col. who flew C-130, C-141 and C-17 aircraft for the 172AW (Mississippi ANG) for over thirty years. My uncle, Lt. Findley "Bobo" Swinney has a MIA Memorial in the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial and I plan to visit in the spring of 16. He was a pilot in the 438th Bomber Sq, 319th Bomber Group, Medium. He was apparently reported MIA in December 1944 due to losing an engine to fire. I have seen the unit newspaper and can't get back to it. If you have any sources for information on Lt. Swinney, I would appreciate you sharing it with me.

Brady W. Swinney, Jr.

Name: Dennis Schoonover
Subject: Lost Relative
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2016

Question or Comment:
My name is Dennis E. Schoonover, I am seeking more information about my dad’s cousin, James L. Schoonover, and #18291, such as the name of his plane, nose art, number of sorties, any photographs, and any personal anecdotes from anyone who knew him. Here is what we know…

18291 (319th BG, 437th BS) damaged by AAA and shot down by Uffz. Friedrich Jacobs in Bf 109G-6 of JG 51/6. 20 mi SW of Sardinia, Italy Jun 18, 1943. Crew bailed out, but all 6 KIA. MACR 232.

1st Lt. James Lee Schoonover Pilot of B-26B-10-MA Marauder 319th Bomb Group 437th Bomb Squadron Tail #18291

>From Missing Aircraft Report of Headquarters Army Air Forces Washington:

Point of Departure: Sedrata #2 A/D
Intended Destination: Olbia Harbor
18 June, 1943 at 1030 hours 20 miles SW of Sardinia
British Air Sea Rescue Service conducted search, negative report.

Official eyewitness account reported 19 June, 1943 by Lt. Colonel Joseph A. Cunningham:
“Airplane, number 41-18291, was damaged by flak over the target. Ship passed entire formation, going fast and climbing, continued to climb and stay in front of formation. Fighters attacked the rear. While ship was under control, four parachutes opened. Ship then went into a steep, controlled dive into the water and then made a sharp climbing turn to the right. The remaining two personnel bailed out at approximately 2000’.”

The crew:
Pilot - James L. Schoonover 1st. Lt.
Co-pilot - Othal L. Gahm F/O
Bombardier - Elwood J. Bush S/Sgt
Turret Gunner - John M. Whalen S/Sgt
Waist Gunner - Marion W. Shipley S/Sgt
Tail Gunner – Marion L. Nillhouse S/Sgt

Thank you! Dennis

Name: Douglas Grether
Subject: Was my Father with the 319th.
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 22:35:40

Question or Comment:
My Dad, Tech Sgt Daniel Edward Grether, was a radio op/gunner. My brother said he was with the 17th BG, 95th Sqdrn, but he also says Dad was on a B-26 called "Ain't She a Beaut", tail number 41-18266 #82. According to everything I can find on that aircraft, it was with the 319th BG, 440th BS. He served from April '43 to July '44 and was on bombing missions over Sicily, Naples and Rome. I know he was awarded the Air Medal 3 times, because that was presented to me by the Air Force. My problem is finding out if he was on this crew and with these units, or in a different unit. He passed away in December of '89 and I didn't learn about this until after he was gone.

Name: James Doran
Subject: T/Sgt. George F. (Swifty) Doran
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 19:12:05

Question or Comment:
My father's B-26 crew. Shot down twice in occupied Italy. First time, crash landed and another plane landed and picked them up. The second time, on Sept. 30, 1943, they had to bail out. Friendly Italians managed to get the whole crew back to allied lines 10-14 days later. My dad, George (Swifty) Doran, waist gunner/radioman, Lt. Basil Barnstad, pilot, Lt. R E Thomas, co-pilot, Lt. H C Henley, navigator/bombardier, Sgt. Pete Klinke, engr/turret gunner, Sgt. Bill Quimby, tail gunner. Plane was called Charlotte the Harlot. 319th Bombardier Group, 438th Bombardier Squadron.

Any still alive or possible relatives?

Name: Melissa Barber
Subject: Bruce Haile, 1st Lt, Air Corps, 439th Bomb Squadron, 319th Bomb Group (M)
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 15:54:35

Question or Comment:
I was wondering if there might be any surviving members of the 439th Bomb Squadron, 319th Bomb Group, who might have know my father, Bruce E. Haile. My father was awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross on January 3rd, 1945. He never talked about his service, but I remember one of the members from his reunion group wrote a book and sent it to him somewhere around 1975 or 1976 just before my dad passed away. I was only 14 when he died and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. Thank you.

Name: Patsy Aylward
Subject: Raymond W. Nuss
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015

Question or Comment:
I am trying to find out what bomb group/squadron my father served with in WWII. Right now, all roads are leading to the 319th BG. According to his discharge papers, he departed for EAMET in August of 1943 and arrived in September of 1943. His battles and campaigns are listed as Tunisia, Naples and Foggia. I found a short blurp in his hometown paper dated (2/10/1944) states my father is in Sardinia. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the American Defense Service Ribbon. He was also awarded an non-official Spark Plug Cross for work he did on aircraft engines. Actually have a pic of him being decorated. His discharge papers say he was a Machinist. however dad always said he was a tail gunner. Dad's name is Raymond W. Nuss and he was from Kansas. Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you
Patsy Aylward (Daughter)

Name: Matthew Greco Matthew Greco
Subject: Hoping to Iearn a IittIe about a time passed
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 21:22:27

Question or Comment:
Hi there, My name is Matt Greco. I am the grandson of the Ralph Greco, and was wondering if anyone here knew him personally from their time in service with the 319th. Ralph passed away on July 5th 2010 at the age of 90, and I was wondering if anyone who served with him had any memories they would be willing to share.

I wish I had been old enough to have the attention span when he was alive so that he could share these stories with me himself, however now that both he and my grandmother, who passed away earlier this year, are both gone, my outlet for information has all but vanished. Anyway, thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you sometime down the road.

- Matthew Greco

Name: John J Holland
Subject: Looking for information about my Brother
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 17:34:01 -0500

Question or Comment:
I am looking for any one that my knew my brother. His name is James J Holland, he was a flight engineer on B-26 in the 439th Bomb Sqd, 319th Bomb Group.

He was killed on December 8 1942, when his aircraft went down between Iceland and Greenland, two other aircraft went down also. the aircraft went in to a fog bank, then went down. No other information.

Thank you all for your service to our Great country.

John J. Holland, Ret, 1sgt USMC

Name: Beth Dayton
Subject: 319th Bomber Group
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 14:25:42 -0500

Question or Comment:
Hello, Im looking for information for my husband. His grandfather Richard Harris was in this group. He wants to get a tattoo in memory of him. Is there any way to find out what the numbers were on his plane that he was in. I have alot of stuff that I can post on here that we found. I love looking at all the things he kept. Any help would be great.


Name: Joseph Connaughton
Subject: "The 319th in Action" book (2012 reprint) SOLD OUT!

Question or Comment:
Please post my earlier request of November 27, 2012 that gave notificatione:

THE 319TH IN ACTION book reprinted in 2012 has sold out and is no longer available.

It will save me a lot of time and effort returning orders with included checks.



From: "joe connaughton"
Subject: Reprint of "The 319th in Action" book
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 15:03:52 -0500


The notice below is the current bulletin I wanted to appear in the bulletin section of the website.

Hi Guys,

This is it, men. See the attached photo. Our heritage book, The 319th in Action, has been reprinted and is now available. One or more copies can be obtained by mailing your check or money order to me at the address below. The price is the printer's cost at $25.00 per book plus an additional cost of packaging and postage not to exceed $5.00 per book. Two books still $5.00 per book. Three to six books fits the USPO flat rate Priority Mail box at $11.35 a real shipping bargain.

The book is a paperback reprinted exactly like the original except it has been increased in size to 8.25" x 10.75", is perfect bound and with a new white cover design you might recognize as the art work of 438th Sqdn. veteran Ed Steinman. Two appendices have been added. At the request of 438th Sqdn. veteran Al Falcone, Appendix I is "A Brief History of the 319th Bomb Group Reunion Association" that includes Table I Dates & Places of Reunions, Table II 319th BGRA Officers and Table III 319th BGRA Projects. Appendix II is a listing of the "319th Bombardment Group Men Killed during World War II compiled by Esther Oyster. The list includes each individual's name, rank, squadron, date lost and cause.

Esther Queneau, (formerly Esther Oyster) one of the surviving authors, authorized and participated in the reprinting process. The original masters were found at the Akron Marauder Archives and were in excellent condition. Archivist Mark Brown gave us tremendous assistance in converting the masters and photographs into electronic images for publication.

For those not familiar with the book it contains the daily account records of the 319th (156 pages) from its beginning to the end of WW II - real neat for checking service records and mission lists against. There are nine pages of photographs in about the center of the book, and 99 pages of exciting human-interest stories and press releases. At the end, before the new appendices, is a copy of the Diary of the Lost Crew (11 pages), a terrible tragedy of a 440th Sqdn. crew flying the B-26 the Northern Route to England.

Best regards,

Joseph Connaughton
6404 Chadwell Road
Huntsville, AL 35802

Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:41:30 -0700
From: <>
Subject: lost

I am attempting to find any inf. on my uncle 2nd. Lt. Elmer L. Brust. service nbr. 19081357, officer nbr. 0738339. He was KIA 20Jan1944 in the vicinity of Pontecorvo, Italy. Other members of the crew were 2nd. Lt. Paul W. Schneiter, 2nd. Lt. Ted F. Strazalkowski, and S/Sgt Robert F. Watson. I believe he flew with the 319th BG but I do not know the squadron. If anybody should know any of the details of his death it would be greatly appreciated, or if you have anyadditional ideas as to find more info. please contact me at the above E-mail or by phone @ 480-767-1945.

thank you very much for your help, Paul Brust


Blair: In reference to my e-mail of Apr. 18th concerning Lt. Elmer L. Brust. I have discovered that he flew with the 17th bomb group, 37th sqdn. I know this is out of your bailiwick and I"m sure your covered up. However if you have a contact at the 17th I would appreciate the name. Many many thanks.

Sincerely Paul Brust

From: "jean-louis delattre" <>
To: <>
Subject: 319 th BG in France
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 20:15:48 +0200

Bonjour !
On the Web, i want aerial photos of bombardment Sisteron, August 15, 1944 & August 17, 1944 : (Railway bridge and Sisteron village by B-26 319 th BG and 31th BG attached to 42nd BW)

Thank you.
Best regards.
Jean-Louis DELATTRE - Historian & independent researcher - Aix-en-Provence - France

From: "High Country Construction Co." <>
To: <>
Subject: William Wright Jasper
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 10:06:39 -0700

My Grandpa William (Bill) Wright Jasper was a B-26 pilot with the 319th group and I think the 437th squadron.  He passed away in 2002.  I am looking for any kind of information I can get regarding his Army Air Corp life.  He lost his medals in a fire a few years before he left us.  I can't seem to find out how to go about getting them replaced so my Grandma can have them.  Thank you for any kind of info. you can help me with.  Trent

Trent Breckenridge

Subject: 319th B-25 #18
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 05:02:30 +0000

I am trying to contact any members of the 319th that are interested in the restoration of aircraft, B-25 43-35972, battle #18. This aircraft flew with the 437th Squadron I believe.  It is currently undergoing restoration here in Phoenix AZ.  The craft is being restored to airworthy condition with plans to fly regularly.   This will be one of the few flying restored WWII aircraft with actual battle experience.

We have a few crew lists from bombing runs out of Corsica and would like to get in touch with anyone who might be interested in the aircraft.  Could you let me know who I should contact in your reunion group in order to spread the word.
Thanks for your help
Jim Scarlett (ex-33rd fighter wing)

Attached is a photo of B 25 Battle #18.
This a photo of the aircraft undergoing engine runup tests in the process of getting ready for
flight testing.   The nose art is not WWII era, it is fitting for the current location in Arizona.
Let me know if you can post this in your newsletter. 
Thanks much.
Jim Scarlett
engine test click for larger image.

From: "Ralph DiCarpio" <>
To: <>
Subject: Thesis
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 20:48:07 -0500


Dear Sirs:


Attached is a letter of introduction and a survey which results are to be used in my master's thesis entitled "World War II and Remembrance." If possible, could this survey be distributed to 319th Bomb Group association members for completion by as many members as are willing to participate? Any assistance you can render is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


Ralph DiCarpio

Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 11:26:23 -0800 (PST)
From: t Wickham <>
Subject: Re: Your mail to

Hi there,

I have been looking over your website and found a picture of the squadron I believe my father flew in.  I actually see him in the photo of the officers,  third row, third from the right.  His name was Harold R. Wickham..(Hal or Wick, he was sometimes called) I have photos that my uncle took of  A-26 Maraders from this squadron as well... There is an extra person in this row and I believe it is him... If you know anyone that is still living that would know my Dad it would be great to talk with them.  My father had stories about Deke Slayton as well...

Thanks for yout time,

Trish Wickham-Monsegur


Hi there Blair,

I have gotten an e-mail from Joseph Connaughton and that is indeed my father in the group picture.  Joe actually had a photo of my dad that I had never seen from their time in Okinawa.

Are there any books left or available as listed on the website.. It would be great to have that to read. My father is now deceased (jan 2005).  He had six children and 4 grandchildren.  Hope to hear from you when you get a chance.

Sincerely, Trish Wickham-Monsegur

Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 13:14:56 -0600
Subject: B-26's in Korea

My father(deceased) flew a B-26 in Korea. I think he was with the 14th Air Force Group. Any history on them ?

Subject: James S. Kale
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 14:34:06 -0600
To: 319th Webmaster

Was looking at your sight and was hoping someone might have known my grandfather, James Kale. If so please contact me at


Jim Crombie
Brooke Insurance & Financial Services
9 The Pines, Suite C
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314)323-2059 (cell)
(314)205-8544 (fax)

Reply-To: <>
From: "Bob Haney" <>
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: 319ths B-25 era
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 18:43:53 -0500

I am working on some B-25 research and I am trying to get the number of missions each 319th B-25 flew by the aircraft serial numbers. I actually have a couple that I obtained when these particular B-25s were transferred to other B-25 units after the 319th converted to A-26s, but I am trying to obtain the number of missions each B-25 flew with the 319th. Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has the mission reports I’d be happy to wade through them and do the counting. Thanks,

Bob Haney

Subject: register
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 07:22:08 -0500
From: "Perry, Beth \(B.A.\)" <>
To: "Webmaster-319thMembers"


This was my cousin and I would very much like to learn more about him,
especially a picture. (He was Arthur K. PERRY Jr.)

Beth Perry

Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 15:33:25 -0500
From: "Lou Sykes" <>
Subject: E-mail addresses
To: "Webmaster319th-Problems"


I was a member of the 319th Bomb Group, 439th Bomb Squadron, as a armorer turret gunner, on Hells Bell 11, from early June 1943 until I completed 40 sorties which happened on Christmas Day 1943. Shortly, after this date, the amount of missions a crew member had to fly changed but I'm not sure if there was a total suggested as I was released and shipped back to the states after a very short period of time.

I have a copy of the sorties I flew on along with the dates, the places we visited and some of the importantt info concerning what action took place on a number of the exciting ones. I'm willing to correspond with anyone who cares to contact me - maybe I can help you.

Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 21:47:17 -0500
From: "Lou Sykes" <>
Subject: Up date e-mail addresses
To: "Webmaster319th-Problems"

Recently, by pure accident, I located many letters by relatives in their trying to learn about their granddads, uncles, fathers, etc, from the 319th Bomb Group, I was very surprised when I got a report back that my e-mail didn't go thru because the e-mail addresses were no longer in use.

I was a turret gunner on Hells Bell II for 27 sorties of the 40 that was the target number when I finished this last mission on Christmas Day 1943. Several of the intended inquires were in regard to this particular plane and I wanted to tell those with this interest that the crew I was assigned to had named the original Hells Bell and, before leaving Morrison Field, West Palm Beach, Florida we had it painted, by professional painters. I feel sure that the interest is still there and I wouldn't mind corresponding with those who might want to contact me.

Anyone out there who is interested in learning what a 87 year old turret gunner remembers about the 319th Bomb. Group (439 th Bomb. Squadron) from June 1043 until the end of this same year? Let's hear from you.

Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 23:51:34 EDT
Subject: 319th members son
To: Webmaster-319thMembers

My dad (Paul J. Romesburg) was a member of the 319th bomb group. He was a Tech Sgt on the number 29 plane. He does not have a computer so I am entering this for him. I know he was in the Med and then was in Okinawa with the group. He still lives in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I can be his contact if anyone needs info on him.

From: John Fredriksen <>
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: Dolphus E. Blodgett
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 20:30:08 -0400

Hi, can you tell me if Dolphus E. Blodgett is still alive and kicking in Lubbock, Texas?

Thank you,

Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 17:02:54 EDT
Subject: Add me to the list please


My name is Edward P. Mckee. 20939273. I was in the 439th squadron of the 319th bomb group. I was engineer gunner on the B26 and the B25. I flew 23 missions out of Corsica in late 44 and 45. My crew consisted of Cecil Hall pilot, Ray Nash co pilot, Charles Madden Bombardier/navigator, LeRoy Reidy radio waste gunner, and --------? Rochon armorer tail gunner.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks a million,
Ed McKee

From: Nathan Decker <>
Subject: 319th F-84s
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 09:46:29 -0400

My name is Nathan Decker and I am doing a research project on the old F-84 series of jet fighters from the 1950s. I am looking for a listing of serial numbers of F-84s that served with the old 319th during that period, as well as any information on crashes, disposals and transfers.
Could you point me in the right direction?
Thank you very much,
Nathan Decker

From: "Wanda Exline" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies"
Subject: Lost
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 11:57:17 -0400

I am doing Genealogy and have hit a snag. Aunt Sara tells of a Rustre Gullett(e) that was shot down over Africa. His father’s name was Charles and perhaps he also went by the name of Charles in the service. He was from Jackson, Ohio. This is about all I know with the exception that he was brought home and is buried in Rock Run Cemetery, also in Jackson, Ohio.

Thanks in advance……

If you want to email me direct please use


Subject: Floyd L Harris 319 BG and 437th squadron
To: Webmaster-319thMembers
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 13:21:38 -0600


My name is Richard Harris and I'm the nephew of Floyd L Harris who is 84 years of age and was a member of the 319 Bomb Group and 437th Squadron. He was a staff sergeant and a top turret gunner and flight engineer. he served in Northern Africa and Sardinia. He flew 63 missions with the 319.

Please add him to your register and he can be contacted through me at this e-mail address. My uncle is interested in finding out and or hearing from those who were in his squadron and perhaps even crew members of his. How active is your website? Thank you.

Richard L Harris
800 S San Marcial
El Paso, Texas 79905
915/532-7273 ext. 108

From: "Lauderbaugh, Jerry" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: 319 USAF Vets List
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 15:40:13 -0400

I just stumbled across this great web site today. My father flew over 50 missions in B-26s and B-25 with this unit (440th Sq) in 1944 from Sardinia and Corsica. He was a career USAF vet having retired in 1964 as a Lt Col. He later went on to establish the School of Aeronautics at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne FL and remained as Dean there until his death in 1986 at the ripe young age of 64.

If it would be possible it would be great to see him on your list of USAF 319th vets!

Jerome A Lauderbaugh 440 Lieutenant Colonel

Thank you!

Jerome A. Lauderbaugh
Project Manager, IT-Applications

From: "Pino Angelone" <>
To: "'Webmaster'"
Subject: Alife (Italy) bombing, October 1943
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 15:29:13 +0200

Dear Sir,

J'm a researcher of Second University of Naples (ITALY).

J'm searching for photos, video and/or documents about the bombings of ALIFE, near Volturno River, 20 miles north of Naples, 20 miles south of Cassino.

The ancient town of Alife was destroyed by bombings during October 1943 in two air raids by 319th Group: October 9 and October 13.

J think Rammelkamp was the leader of a fleet of 23 aircraft on October 13 against the center J’d want to know if someone has material or remember the bombings.

Best Regards

Dr. Giuseppe Angelone, Ph.D.

From: "j. p. brown" <>
Subject: Reunion photo
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 13:37:57 -0500

Had a good time at the reunion. Took a few pictures for other attendees, but there is one that I can't find an address or e-mail for. The name tag said "Bernie Queneau 319th. Would you please send an address if you have one.

Joe Brown 17th Wing, 34th Sq., Korea

From: Roberta Pyle <>
To: Blair Wolf
Subject: 319th Edson M. Pyle
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 15:48:25 -0700


My dad asked that I contact the publisher of The Sortie to let them know that he is still alive and kicking, but currently is residing in a care facility for those with Alzheimer and dementia. He still remembers a lot about his experiences during the war and is happy to spend time reminiscing about those days with any who will listen.

Teresa Bonner
daughter of Edson M. Pyle
319th Bombardment Group

From: "InFo Golf Developments" <>
Subject: Clarence Bailey Rankin
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 21:04:45 -0700

Dear Sir,

My uncle, Clarence Bailey Rankin, was in the 437 Bomb Sqdn, 319 Group and was killed when their plane went down in Italy on Nov 17, 1944. My wife and I had the opportunity to visit his grave site near Florence several years ago. It would be appreciated to hear from anyone that flew with or may have known him. Details about him and their mission is of interest.

Thank you,
Glen Rutledge

From: "frank coffey" <>
To: "'Webmaster 319th-Comments'"
Subject: Captain Frank B. Coffey
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 06:40:23 -0700

My dad, who retired as Lt. Colonel Frank B. Coffey and passed away on Jan. 9. 2000 flew with the 319th and I’m looking for any information on his time with the 319th. (I’m a professional writer and was lucky enough to author a book about the USO, “Always There,” which I dedicated to my Dad.)

Best wishes and thanks,
Frank Coffey, Jr.

From: "Schrade, Jeff \(Veterans Affairs\)" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Problems"
Subject: Question regarding the 319th...
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 16:56:24 -0400

I am attempting to find additional information about Leonard V. Penrod… I’d like to know if he was a pilot, navigator or what… and what the circumstances were concerning his death.


Leonard V. Penrod
First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces
Service # O-662820
440th Bomber Squadron, 319th Bomber Group, Medium</H3< td>
Entered the Service from: Idaho
Died: 26-Nov-43
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Sicily-Rome American Cemetery
Nettuno, Italy

Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart

Jeff Schrade, Communications Director
U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs
Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), Ranking Member
825A Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Direct: 202-224-9093 Cell: 202-680-9552 Fax: 202-228-5655

Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 11:47:04 -0700


My son Mark has just updated the 319th Pacific web page to include information on the new story The Life of "Lethal Lady", A Douglas A-26 Bomber in WWII and Korea.
Please check:


Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 15:10:42 EDT
Subject: Searching....
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments

Dear WM: Have been trying for over two years to contact a person who left an e-mail address to be contacted, but it seems to be invalid. Wondered if you have any update on a son of a good buddy of mine, named Edward J. Schrader, Jr. His father was a good buddy of mine during the North African campaign (WW2) . His name was M/Sgt Edward J. Schrader, 439th Bomb Sq, 319th Bomb Group.....he lived in Swainsboro, Georgia until the time of his demise. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I thank you kindly for doing such a fine job with the association..... Best to you.

Edward A. Kresan
439th BS, 319th BG
I can be reached at this e-mail address:

Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 20:11:27 EDT
Subject: 319th In Action
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments

Is the book "The 319th In Action" still available? On the History of the 319th Bomb Group page of the website, it shows the book is available for $15 and orders should be sent to a Windcrest, Texas address. I don't think this page has been updated so I was just wondering. I am the son of James Clodfelter. He was in Okinawa with the 319th as a communications/admin NCO. He's 90 years young and I would like to get him a copy of the book if possible. Thanks for your response.

Michael A Clodfelter
933 Newfound Rd
Leicester, NC 28748

End last update

Webmaster Update - Finally got the last 6 months updated. Please read down to my last update to catch up. BW

From: "Thomas Brooks" <>
To: "'Webmaster-319thMembers'"
Subject: Register as member Col Randy's site
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 09:40:07 -0500

I am the nephew of 1st Lt Johnson, Thomas T, Pilot, 437th Bomber Squadron, 319th Bomber Group, Shot down, died 11 June, 1943; listed on this site's 'buried overseas' page. Looking for any info or people who knew him or about him.

Thank you,
Thomas Brooks

To: "Webmaster319th-Problems"
Subject: Request information
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 22:29:17 +0100

Some past weeks I have sent to you an email because I have asked if you have documents, aerial photos, stories on the bombardments effected on the province in Agrigento (Agrigento, Canicattì, Lampedusa, Licata, Porto Empedocle, Sciacca) in 1943. This serves me to write a book that tells what happened before and after the arrival of the American soldiers to Agrigento. I thank you for the collaboration.

Salvatore Fucà
Sicily - Italy

I look for news, aerial photos, veterans' histories, on the bombardments effected on the communes of the province in Agrigento (Agrigento, Canicattì, Lampedusa, Licata, Porto Empedocle, Sciacca) in 1943. Particularly it interests me the bombardment on Agrigento of the morning of July 12 th 1943.
Thanks of the collaboration.

Salvatore Fucà

I am a journalist. I live and job to Agrigento. I write a book on Agrigento and the war in 1943. I ask if the veterans of 319th have documents, stories, aerial photos of Agrigento and the communes of the province (Agrigento, Canicattì, Licata, Porto Empedocle, Sciacca, Lampedusa, etc.) bombed in the months before the defeat of the Italian soldiers (January-July 1943). Particularly it interests me the raid of July 12 th 1943 on Agrigento.

Thanks for the collaboration and happy 2007.

Salvatore Fucà

I have sent first an email, but I believe that has not arrived. I look for news on the history in Agrigento. Agrigento is the city where suit and job. Particularly I write a book on 1943 when the soldiers Usa they captured the city of Agrigento (July 16 th 1943). They serve to me stories of veterans, photos. I write because 319th should be the group that bombed Agrigento the morning of July 12 th 1943. I ask to you if you can send to me stories or aerial photos of all the bombardments that 319th did in the province in Agrigento in the months of June and July 1943.
Thanks for the collaboration and I wish you happy parties.

Salvatore Fucà

I know that 319th, during the wwii you/he/she has also fought in Sicily. I ask if you have testimonies of veterans on the bombardments effected in the zone in Agrigento (Agrigento, Licata, Sciacca, Porto Empedocle, Canicattì, etc). Particularly I ask to you if you have documents (aerial photo, testimonies or details) on the bombardment on Agrigento of the morning of July 12 th 1943. This last bombardment should be is performed really from 319th. The news serves to me for a search on that events.
Thanks for the collaboration.

Salvatore Fucà
AGRIGENTO (Italy-Sicily)

From: "Roland Penninckx" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: Research about a B-26 over Toulon, France
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 18:18:44 +0100

Dear Sir,
I'm living near Toulon on the French Mediterranean Coast, and in the context of my interest in the military history of that city I came accross the attached picture of a B-26. I have already accurately identified the overflown area (the heavy gun positions at Saint Mandrier) and obtained information that the aircraft should belong to the 438 Sqn of the 319th Bomb Group. The mission was most likely flown in August 1944. I would like to learn as much as possible about the mission, the plane, the nose art and the crew, and wonder whether other battle pictures over that area exist. Thank you for any input.

Roland Penninckx
Retired belgian NATO Official
Member of the Belgian Aviation History Association (
F-83570 Montfort sur Argens

From: <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: Robert H. Livingston
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 08:25:29 -0500

I'm the Grandson of Robert H. Livingston. He was part of the 437th bomber squadron 319th. I believe the name of the B-26 he flew was the "ROC", he was also a co-pilot on another bomber. I would love to hear from somebody that knew my Granddad and would like to share some stories with me. Thank you for your time.

From: "Marty Schames" <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: Former member of 439th.
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 12:22:39 -0500

Hi Blair...................Thanks for the return......came upon the 319th. URL and tryining to see if there is anybody around that remembers me..........that was the reason for the e-mail and your name sounds familiar...........were you in the 439th?...........marty schames

Hi...........found the 319th. Bomb Grp. URL after many years and I wonder if there is anyone around that remembers me,
Martin ( Red ) Schames?

From: "Mark Studdert" <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: RE:
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 08:58:29 -0400

Blair - do you by chance have an email for Joe Madrano? He's the secretary/historian for the 319th BG.
Thanks in advace.


From: "kevin callahan" <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: FW: Notice for Robert E. Herndon Jr.
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2006 00:41:28 +0000


I've tried to send you this obituary that was in the Washington Post last month. Col. Herndon was in the 440th squadron of the 319th.

Hope you get it this time.

Kevin Callahan

From: Josh Oliver <>
To: Webmaster-319thMembers
Subject: Baby Bomber
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006 15:24:01 -0600

I was checking around for some info regarding my grandfather and this is by far the most comprehensive site I have found. My name is Josh Oliver and I am the grandson of Lt. Col. W. Donovan Oliver. I believe he was a bombardier in the 437th. Great job with the site, I really enjoy it.

To: Webmaster319th-Problems
Subject: my history
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 12:30:12 EST

Ralph Greco
Was born in 1920 one ofd nine children,seven boys and two girls, grew up in Providence,Rhode Island..I joined the air corp the day after Pearl Harbour. Later on my six brothers joined ,four in the Navy and two in the Army [ all seven brothers served to the end of the war ] I was trained as an airplane mechanic at Kessler field in Beloxi Mississippi.. I was then shipped to Baltimore Maryland to the Glen L.Martin Palnt to learn about the B 26 Maurader.. Joined up with the 319th. Bomb group at Barksdale Field. Then went to New Jersey to ship overseas aboard the Queen Mary.heading to England. We witnessed our first casualty when the Queen Mary cut a British Cruiser in two with 130 British Sailors lost off the coast of Scotland.. Went by train to England. After a short stay at Norwich, Norfork we boarded a ship for a trip with the invasion forces to .N.Africa . We had no planes yet so while waiting for them to arrive we worked on assembling P 51 Mustang Fighters which arrived in crates. When our planes arrived I was crew chief for the rest of my time . I had gone through 3 B 26 { Rhode Island Express, Miss Rhode island and Gremlin Headquarters] We spent about nine months moveing across N.Africa. While in the Tunis areathe 439 Squardron sponserd a dance in town on the 25th of Sept.1943. There I met a young French girl, her mother and her sister.She was born in Paris and went to Tunis when she was 8 years old. Her name was Liliane Hamlin. I managed to see quit a bit of her and when we left for Sardinia we would fly back there several times to pick up beer from their brewery. Each time I would visit her.[After the war I sent for her and we were married May 11th 1946 and had four children] Leaveing Sardinia we went to Corsica.. After a time there we Switched to B25 Mitchel Bombers. When the war was there we came back to the states and after a short leave I had to go Charlet,N. Carolina traing men on the B 25 while I was waiting for orders to go to the Pacific, but the the war was over and sent to Fort Devens for discharge. After my discharge my Brother Henry and myself started a manufacturering Co.. of cleaning and drying and plating equipment for the metal finishing industries.. The co. name is Greco Brothers Inc.

Alan Smith of the 439th squadron passed away on Jan. 24th and was buried on the 29th. (He was a crew chief and one of the best)
ralph greco

To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: Thanks
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 17:13:12 EST

What a site. Trying to locate information on my relative, Edward Tee Noland, who was shot down mid Nov. 1944 near Brenner Pass in a B-25. I believe the rest of the crew made it out safely and were rescued. Trying to get as much information as I can to put together a comprehensive history for my family.

Keep up the great work. God Bless America!

Carson F. Baur

From: "Bruce Uchitel" <>
To: "319thWebmasterStore" <>
Subject: History Book of the 319th
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 22:19:34 -0500

Hi-I'm just wondering if there is any copies of the "319th In Action" available. Please contact me with any information that you may have regarding the availability of this, or any other history that might be available of the 319th Bomb Group.
Thank You-Bruce Uchitel

From: "alaina" <>
To: webmaster 319th
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 11:57:29 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Subject: Question...I need help

Hello Blair,
I was wondering if you can help me find some information. Ed Brockman & Joe Mandrano's email address listed on the web site no longer work. Do you know anything about the book "The 319th In Action", that is mentioned on the website? Is it still available, and how can I get a copy of it? Joe Mandrano is listed as the Secretary Treasurer. Do you know if he is still around, and how do I contact him?
Thanks for your assistance...any information would be greatly appreciated.
Alaina Wallace

Standing L to R: T/SGT. D.L. Gragert- Eng Gunner, Capt. B.A. Oakley- B.N., Capt. R.B. LeBoy-Pilot, 1st. LT. D.H. Telander-Co-Pilot, S/SGT. R.E. Rosebrough-Gunner Sitting L to R: SGT. A. I. Wallace- Asst. Crew Chief, SGT. R.R. Davidson-Mech, T/SGT. J.G. Jeter-Crew Chief, SGT. L.V. Davis- Radio Gunner

From: alaina
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 11:34 AM
Subject: picture on website

Hello you have a picture posted on your website 438th." Perforated Prostitute" Jack Jeter (no shirt) Can anyone name others? I have the same picture with the names and ranks of the crew printed on the back. Are you still interested? Let me know if you are. Alaina Wallace

Could you tell me who posted the picture? I would like to get in touch with him to see if knows anything about the men in the picture. One of the men is my father in law and I am trying to find out some info on his military history. I will send the names and ranks of the men in the picture with the next email. Thanks, Alaina

From: "26buzzoff" <>
To: "Webmaster" <>
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 12:58 PM

Hi Blair,

Welcome back.

A true story titled "The Life of 'LETHAL LADY', a Douglas A-26 Bomber in WWII and Korea" has just been completed. The story is told by the airplane and starts at the Douglas factory in Long Beach. It describes the flight to Savannah to join the 319th Bomb Group, then back across the country, across the Pacific, the missions out of Okinawa, and her duty with the 13th Squadron of the 3rd Bomb Group in Japan and Korea flying missions against the North Koreans.

We are self-producing a limited edition of about 50 copies. Each copy contains 36 letter size pages which included photos and maps., nicely bound in a report cover. We are offering this limited edition for $5 each (includes US mailing). Those who have read the story are very pleased with it..

Anyone who would like a copy of "The Life of Lethal Lady" send a check for five bucks to:

Gene Ryan
Box 44, 7720 Red Rock Road
Macdoel, CA 96058



UPDATE 2/10/07--From your webmaster:

Sorry folks but the last 6 months has been a bit of a trial for me. I moved back to California, stuck everything including the computer in storage for 4+ months. Then I got married, moved again and have spent almost 2 months trying to fix the computer so it would remain stable enough to actually do work on.

I'm over due for an upgrade in both hardware and software so until I can get the funds together to buy what's necessary I may be up and down as dictated by my equipment. Sorry, but I'm trying to do my best.


From: "Colvin, Jennifer" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: 319th photos
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 13:48:26 -0400

I am sorting through my late Grandfather's (Glenn Dana Colvin) photos and papers and plan to send you some photos over the next few months. I was glad to find a presence for the 319th on the web. My Grandfather not only read but saved every issue of the newsletter he received.

If you would like me to scan and send the pictures, please let me know. Unfortunately, I have no names, dates or places to put with them for you. Honestly, I have little information about his time in the service unless it is listed on official paperwork from the Army. He was a s/sgt engineer-gunner in the 319th Bombardment Group, as well as an instructor at one time, and served 12/7/1941 until some time in 1946. He did have several funny stories and if I find time I will capture them for you to share if you're interested as well. Maybe someone can give me a little more insight as well.

Thanks for still being out there.



Jennifer Colvin
Education Group Manager
240.888.4863 (mobile)
240.268.2795 (office)

From: "Bruce Timbrell" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Cc: "murray clow" <>
Subject: 439 Squadron 319 Bomb Group


I am associated with the VFW in Eureka Montana. A good friend of mine down there flew with the above unit. He remembers his aircraft being called the " Leakin' Lou" Does anyone have any info on this A/C? We would like to paint a model with Mr. Pete Klinke's favorite A/C.

Thanks for your time

Captain Bruce Timbrell
O/C 279
Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

From: "Charles Taliaferro" <>
To: 319th
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 07:49:07 -0700

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Send us your flags!

Charles Taliaferro

From: "DeeDee" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Cc: "CanonierHistory" <>
Subject: Info Needed
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 05:28:21 -0500

Hello - I am working with a local historian, named Mike MARSHALL, who is in the process of writing a book about a civil war unit from Donaldsonville, Louisiana. I think he lost the below information during Hurricane Rita or Katrina. Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance, DeeDee

Dang-- I can't find the article on the web site. It was in diary form and talked about M/SGt. Hubert Treille speaking French to the Frogs who had just moved into a nearby base in North Africa and the Americans getting stuff for their U S Army Air Corps base. Ring a bell? I can't find it and I thought I saved it.

-----Original Message-----
From: DeeDee <>
Sent: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 17:03:29 -0500
Subject: Re: about roster

About Hubert Treille. In the past you send me info on his grandson station in North Africa with the U S Army Air Corps. I believe it was from a unit history or memoir. I've been trying to locate it but have been unsuccessful, can you resend it? I think he was with the 319th wing. I like to add the info and the incident at the base where his grandson helped out because he could speak French to the natives. Thanks.

From: "King, Gary L." <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 13:18:06 -0500


My dad has asked me to make sure he continues to receive the SORTIE publication. He was a flight engineer in the 319th BG / 438th squadron. If you could forward this request to the appropriate person, it is certainly appreciated.

J.B. King
4341 E. 58th St.
Tulsa, OK 74135

Gary L. King
FlightSafety International
Logistics Engineer
(918) 259-5545

From: "Dutton, Mark D" <>
To: 319th
Subject: WWII POW's of the 319th BG
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 03:01:07 -0600

Hello, I was wondering if you have any listing of 319th BG members that were POW's during WWII?


To: Webmaster-319thMembers
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 00:54:55 EDT
Subject: 319th member

My name is Ed McKee, I was in the 439th squadron of the 319th on the island of Corsica in late 1944.
My crew ws Cecil Hall (Pilot), Ray Nash (copilot), Charles Madden (Bombardier-Navigator, Leroy Reidy was the radio and waist gunner, The tail gunner's last name was Rochon (first name escapes me), I was the engineer turret gunner. I flew 23 combat missions for the most part in Northern Italy, and Yugoslavia. I would like to hear from anyone that might have flown any missions with me.

Thanks in advance.

Ed McKee
1002 9th ave. SE Apt. G204
Puyallup, WA. 98372

To: Webmaster-319thMembers
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 18:42:33 EDT
Subject: parmelee,vicky

looking for information on grand father 345th service squadron(310th service group) servicing 319th bomb group (M) july 1944.319th bomb group veteran marauders june 1943 to 1944.

To: 319th
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 02:32:44 EDT
Subject: 439th plane and men

Hi All my 439th friends!

I have copied Alf's note and attached photo's he sent for you all to see. Perhaps you may be familiar with some of the men and could let me or Alf know?


Date: 4/7/06 1:40:31 PM Central Daylight Time
File: (1392037 bytes) DL Time (46666 bps): < 8 minutes
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Louise, sending you the photos from son of Lt. Royce E. Stephens, 319th/439th (KIA Dec 10 1944). Below some id-work of mine. Larry Stephens have supplied other info. Maybe some of the 319th BG veterans you have contact with recognizes him? The photo where he is on the left has an unknown person to the right. Anyone who recognizes this person?

B/N 64 is Hell's Belle II 41-18322, one of the veteran Marauders with 132 sorties before they converted to B-25.

When you check the bomb tally on Hell's Belle II against it's tally on October 31st 1944 (Veteran Marauders), you'll see that these shots are from Autumn 1944 (period of service for Lt Stephens).

B/N 69 is 41-31579.

B/N 55 (formation) is Sweet Lew's Baby 42-107825. The first B/N 55 crashed on May 13th 1944 (take off accident).

B/N 59 (formation) is most probably 42-107850.

B/N 73 was 42-96023 319th BG 439th BS
Mistletoe was a 319th BG Veteran Marauder; B/N 60, 41-18303, 319th BG 439th BS. It flew 118 missions and ranked as # 5 regarding number of missions for 319th BG Marauders during the period June 5th 1943 - October 31st 1944. The first 29 319th BG missions was during the period Nov 28 1942 - Feb 13 1943. They flew no missions before June 5th 1943, moved to French Morocco on March 3 1943.

B/N 53 was Eva Mae II, 42-95773, 319th BG 439th BS


About Lt Stephens from Larry Stephens:

Name: Royce E. Stephens, 1st. Lt.,
Pictures: 1 / 2
Born: Ashland, Oklahoma; United States of America
He was living in Borger, Texas when he was accepted into the Army Air Corps
and his initial training was at the Pampa Air Field in Pampa, Texas.

He is buried in the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial in Florence
Italy - buried at Plot D Row 1 Grave 2

Awards: Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart and a decoration
from France

Royce E. Stephens entered service 17-Oct-42 as aviation cadet
graduated from pampa army air field at pampa,texas on 29-july-1943; and sent
to dodge City to train in 2-engine school. graduated class 43-2-G as B-26
pilot on 8-0ct-43. Assigned 3rd AAF, 335BG at Barksdale Field, La.

23-March-44 Assigned to combat crew #18 as pilot

19-July-44 assigned crew #18
P 2DLt. Royce E. Stephens
CP F/O John J. Trumble
B 2Dlt. Douglas F. Eggerth
EG cpl Sonny Timbers
ROG cpl Clarence R. Westland
AG cpl Hobart W. Thomas

24-July-44 assigned to FL-716-AT (Project 90830R)
ass. AP No. 43-34382 B-26-G FL-716-AT-2
assigned to Bangor, Me

25-July-44 orders changed to go to Morrison Field, Florida instead of
Bangor, Me

28-July-44 Project 90830R in Aircraft #43-34382 FL-----AT-2;

Best regards,


Pictures: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 06:04:01 EDT
Subject: 319

Dear Friends of the 319th BG,
i don't know how to contact Mr Trevor Allen but could you tell him that the 319th BG went to France, exactly in Corsica which still is and was making part of France. First to Ghisonaccia in September October 1944 where the crews trained on B-25J then to Serraggia until the 1st of January 1945


From: "Gail Starr" <>
To: 319th
Subject: 319th Bomb Group 42nd Bomb Wing Pix
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 20:38:58 -0600

Hi all,

I am the daughter of Paul D. Starr, who was part of the 319th bomb group during WWII.
A few years ago I was searching for sites after all the publicity of the new WWII memorial dedication in Washington, D.C. Imagine my surprise when I saw my father's plane, the

"LIttle Sirrocco" on the website of Mark Pope, and from there I found the 319th website.

My father died of cancer in 1976 when he was 53.

From: "Gail Starr" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Problems"
Subject: Photos
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 11:03:25 -0600

I was doing some research on WWII a while ago and found the 319th bomb group website and another website with photos called

I was surprised and elated to find my father's plane shown in the photos - "Little Sorocco"

Going through old pictures I found these which I am forwarding in hopes that you will be able to add them to the pictorial site.

My father was Capt. Paul D. Starr, from Colorado. He was born in 1923 and died in 1976.
He was very proud of his service in the 319th and 42nd bomb wing. I hope you can use the pictures.

Gail Starr (Daughter)

Pictures: 1 / 2 / 3

From: "Steve Pace" <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: B-25
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 09:58:30 -0800

Dear Sir:

Am writing a magazine article dealing with B-25s in the MTO. Wondering if you have a high res image of an 'interim' B-25 in 319th markings. Please advise, thanks so much.


Steve Pace
Flight Journal magazine

Can someone help this gentleman out? B+

From: "giancarlo tagliati"
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: aerial photos Cavarzere
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 15:53:15 +0100

Giancarlo TAGLIATI
10080 San Benigno, Canavese
Via Olivetti n°20 Torino Italy
Tele/fax ++39(011) 988 78 11
cell 0335-5718799

20th febr 2006

subject: aerial photographs Cavarzere bombing 1945

Dear Mr. Dr. Franz Reisdorf :
I am researching aerial other airborne photographs , for the 60th anniversary exibit, of Liberation in Italy of my native village Cavarzere.

I would like to gather aerial photos of bombing of Cavarzere, located 40 km from Venice between PO and Adige rivers ( in the so called Po Valley). I am specifically looking for photographs from your archives in april 1945.

If you wish I can to send you via ground mail some pictures of my native village shotted on april 1945 . On their are showing runes. My collection are more than 250 records (ground / aerial photos-maps-despatches)

I appreciated your time and attention to this request and thank you in advance .

Sincerely ,
Giancarlo Tagliati

To: Webmaster - 319th
Subject: Hi Blair
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 00:45:08 EST

Hi Blair,

The following message came from Alf in Norway and thought it might be of interest to those men who may have known 1st Lt Royce E. Stephens. Alf is a wealth of information!

From: "Alf Egil Johannessen" <>
To: "Louise Hampton" <>
Subject: Fw: Bill's Bulletin Board
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 22:09:30 +0100

Louise, here's a post from son of a 439th BS B-25 pilot who was KIA Dec 10 1944. I sent him some info as he wants to learn more about his father. Is it possible for you to forward this to 319th BG veterans; maybe someone might have known 1st Lt Royce E. Stephens.

Can he make contact with you by e-mail, if he wants to? Maybe the records he have from his father is of interest to webmaster of 319th BG website....?



----- Original Message -----
From: Alf Egil Johannessen
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 7:07 PM
Subject: Bill's Bulletin Board

my father was a 1st Lt. and pilot in the 439th bomber squadron, 319th bomber group,medium out of tunisia, sardinia and corsica. He was killed in action over Brenner Pass on 10-Dec-44. I never knew him and it was practically impossible to get my mother to talk about him. Is there anyone out there who might have served with him? Thanks for any possible information.

Larry M. Stephens <>
- Monday, February 27, 2006 at 22:45:27 (CST)

Mr. Larry M. Stephens, I'm interested in the B-26 Marauder and it's history, and have worked with this for some years now. I've had contact with many relatives of USAAF personnel from WWII, and have supplied the info I have access to when considered relevant and actual.

The 319th BG converted from Martin B-26 Marauder to North American B-25 Mitchell on November 1st 1944, so your father flew a B-25 Mitchell. They flew three missions on Dec 10 1944, and they lost one aircraft on the third mission, target was San Michele Rail Road Bridge, Brenner Pass.

This was the 319th BG mission # 471. Flight Commander was Major R.K. Ketterer, Flight Leader was 1st Lt F.L. Green. 18 Mitchells participated on this mission. Here's from the 319th BG diary for December 10 1944:

"Lt. Green led the day's third mission (#471) of eighteen planes on a strike against San Michele rail bridge. ED McKEE's report: "Very hot mission. We encountered fifteen Me109s about five minutes before the IP.

They shot down #60 with HERMAN, STEPHENS, GOSNEY, PIZZOFERRATO, STODGHILL and SMITH in it. I saw two chutes and the plane to go down in flames. We got five fighters and maybe a probable. No. 52

was shot up pretty bad through the rudder with 20mm's and all over with 30-caliber. We cabbaged that bridge and got a little heavy inaccurate flak."

If you check this link: you will find that the B-25 lost on 12.10.1944 of 319th BG was 43-36216, MACR# 10384. #60 means

Battle Number 60 on tail (50-74) was 439th BS. Have added some scans of 319th BG Mitchells + BG logo. Upper left is 437th BS, then 438, 439 and lower right 440.

Addendum - crew names:
Herb Herman
Lt. Stephens
Jesper F. Gosney
Joseph Pizzoferato
Lt. Smith

To better get in contact with 319th BG veterans, try these two avenues:
I have added last issue of The Sortie, you can write to their Reunion Association 319th BG website:

Best regards from Sandefjord, Norway
Alf Egil Johannessen


Here's today's reply from Mr. Stephens:

Mr. Alf Egil Johannessen, when I went online this morning, I was both surprised and delighted to open the email you had sent to me.

Perhaps it is because I am geeting on in years now, but I am even more driven to find out details about my father, than ever before. I beleive that my mother was so in love with and so decimated by his death that she simply shut the entire matter out of her life. In that way she was able to go on.

When I read your email, it became clear to me that I had neglected to give my fathers name. Here are a few facts for you:

Name: Royce E. Stephens, 1st. Lt.,
born: Ashland, Oklahoma; United States of America
He was living in Borger, Texas when he was accepted into the Army Air Corp and his initial training was at the Pampa air field in Pampa, Texas.

He is buried in the Florence American Cemetary and Memorial in Florence Italy buried at Plot D Row1 Grave 2

Awards: Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart and a decoration from From France

It has always been my wish to be able to visit the gravesite for my father, however, I am now 62 years old and realize that it something that I will never be able to do.

Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness, I do have a lot of my fathers records at home; I don't know what sort of information you need but If I can help you in your endeavors in way please feel free to ask. If it is possible I will help.

Best Regards,
Larry M. Stephens
411 Quail Creek Rd.
Cleveland, Oklahoma 74020

From: "Gary & Vicki Arceci"
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies"
Subject: LOST-Paul Hackman
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 20:42:12 -0500

Been trying for quite some time to find the group, squad, anything, which my father served with during WWII in Italy. His name was Paul Hackman and he was another veteran who did not like to talk of the war. I have lots of paperwork concerning his active duty in the states after the war, but very little to go on during the war. He died in 1988, age 62, and just before that we started to get bits and pieces of information. He was a tailgunner on A-26c's (or A-20G's?), served in Italy and Sicily 14 months. His pilot was Lt. Pete Hansen. Other pilots he served with were Maj. Taylor, Lt. Neighbors and Lt. Ross Alimony. I have been
confused about exactly which type of plane he was on; he has a picture of those 3 pilots with "A-26c's" written on the back; the picture he drew for me of his plane says "A-20G". Hee told me his plane carried 500 ton, 100 ton and cluster bombs; flew in formations of 24 planes. He sailed home from Naples on the Wakefield in September, 1945.

Does this information ring a bell to anyone? Where can I find information on groups that flew those types of planes in Italy? Does anyone remember my father or the other men I mentioned?

Thank you so much for any information you can provide.
Vicki Hackman Arceci

From: "Andy Bogert"
To: "'Webmaster'"
Subject: Thayer Farthing
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 12:28:25 -0600

My grandfather Thayer Farthing was with the 319th Bomber Group in its early stages. He is listed as missing in action or lost at sea on December 8, 1942. All we know is he is on the Tablets of the Missing at the

Cambridge American Cemetery in Cambridge England. From unit records I think the following people might have also been on that plane:

1st LT William C Parson
1st LT James L Hearn
S/SGT Michael Potoma
PVT Warren Haskins

If anyone has any information we would appreciate it. My mother is taking a trip to England this summer and will be visiting Cambridge. I thought maybe we could find out something for her.

Thank you,
Andy Bogert

From: Gabriella Mocci <>
To: Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies
Subject: Information on Decimomannu
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 11:34:08 +0100


My name is Gabriella Mocci, and I live to Decimomannu, on the island of Sardinia, where the 319 th bomb group was based in 1943. I'm making some searches to reconstruct the history to Decimomannu in that period and there would be thankful if someone could help me.


From: terry smith <>
To: Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies
Subject: Robert C Beattie
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 11:33:22 -0800 (PST)

my name is terry smith,my uncle robert c beattie was shot down in the war.if there is any info about him please e-mail me back.he was a bomber pilot for the B-26 bombers.I have all his flight logs and scrap books from the war.And he kept everything.would like to know if anybody out may knows of him.

Thank You very much
Terry Smith

From: "Mark Pope" <>
To: "'Webmaster-319thMembers'"
Subject: son of Maj. Bismark Pope Jr.
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 22:49:07 -0600

Pope Jr, Bismark

Son of Major Bismark Pope Jr. Pilot, in North Africa and Sardina with the 319th.
Sorry I have been overseas for the past several years. I has been hard to catch up.
Hope all is well with you and your family.


Mark Pope

From: "Osgood, Samuel P" <>
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 14:43:20 -0500

Dear Mr. Brockman

I don’t know if I’ve written to you before. My father was Sam Osgood who was in the 439th Armament section. He died in 1970 from a heart attack so I know precious little about his WWII experience mostly because he just didn’t want to talk about it. I have found you site to be most informative and I’m very grateful for it. I have several pictures posted in my office here in the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, proudly.

My father is in the picture of the 439th Armament section you have posted. I would be really interesting in knowing if you happen to remember him and if so what you remember. I certainly don’t mind if you don’t as I have a hard time remembering my Army buddies from back in 1968 and 1968.

Do you happen to know the disposition of Helle’s Belle II?

My father said he was assigned to that particular aircraft but I don’t understand that relationship so if you could explain it to me I’d be grateful for that.

I was stationed in Italy myself from 1970 to 1973. There were some interesting memories of the people there from WWII.

Any insights you an give me are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Peter Osgood

From: "Fanni Dr. Ignazio" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: Villacidro LG - Sardinia
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 16:45:36 +0100

The picture that Ron Maclin sent to you in 12/22/2002 is a photo of a plain of the French "Groupe de Bombardement Moyen 1/22 Maroc" and the runway is Villacidro (Sardinia) LG.

Ignazio Fanni

To: Webmaster 319th
Subject: Ostiglia Mission WWII
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 00:58:28 EST

Hi Blair,

My friend Alf in Norway sent me the attached photo. One side is the Ostiglia mission the 319th was on and the right side is the same target as seen today from Google Earth. I have not tried getting on that web site yet. I have not had my new computer on line yet, but I am sure your computer can access it if you have not done so already. I will copy Alf's message here too for you to read.

I enclose my last (and regular monthly) posting to the B-26 group at Yahoo. You sent me the WWII photo some time ago, and it was well suited for this purpose:

Last posting had the thrilling title "Marauder deja vu".

Deja vu means "seen before" I thought this could be the leading theme of my post 'Marauder Of The Month - November 2005'. I know that this group also have members that are Marauder Men, and who in fact have seen the Marauder before. As I recently again had a major OS crash on my aging (1999) computer, I decided to give it a last chance, and upgrade the OS from Windows 98 to Windows XP. Then I also would comply with the minimum hardware requirements needed for running Google Earth ( ).

The OS upgrade was a success, and after installing a graphics card with more than 16 Mb memory,I could enter the world of Google Earth. I know that Marauder Men uses this software to find their old bases etc, so I thought that it could be possible to compare WWII target photos with recent photos of same place. Of course, this is not possible for every actual place, but I've so far found that Italy is reasonably well covered regarding photograhic detail.

This month's Marauder is two 319th BG ships over Ostiglia RR bridge in Northern Italy. 319th BG had two missions to that target, on 19th and 20th July 1944. I'm not sure what date this photo was taken, but most probably it was the 20th of July as the smoke from bombs are further north than the first damaged span. The color photo shows how it looks today, and as you see, this photo is on the margin to the map part of Google Earth. The Marauders on photo are B/N 08 and B/N 22 of 437th BS 319th BG. Unfortunately the serials are not readable on the scan, but when zooming in the unmistakingly nose art of B/N 08 appears as "O'Riley's Daughter" 42-107550. The nose art of B/N 22 is also visible. I suppose this is "Cay-LIB II" 42-107530.

I have found several other photographic quality locations of WWII Marauder targets with this great software Google Earth. It's easy, for this one I entered the following "Ostiglia, Italy" and started the search.

Photo as usual uploaded to photo section.


Also, There are more pictures from a find on Ebay posted in the photos section.

From: Sam Davidson
To: Webmaster
Subject: Searching for info
Date: 9 November 2005

I wonder if anyone could help me trace a William Reid a USAF Lieutenant Navigator who served some time in England during World War II. Last known address was Jacksonville Florida.

Many thanks

To: Webmaster
Subject: Question about plane and crew "Lovely Laura"
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 18:03:36 EDT


I'm John Cunningham, son of George Cunningham who was the bombardier on the plane "lovely Laura," piloted by Capt Bill Woods. I have a picture of the crew and individual photos of the crew, but the ink has faded to the point of not being able to make out the letters.

The crew was

Capt W.C. Woods (A/C)
(?) E.E. Yeomans (copilot)
2LT George Cunningham (Bombardier)
S/Sgt E.W. Lacy (engineer/gunner)
Sgt K (?) Radio)
S/Sgt SKI(?) (Gunner)

I wonder if anyone has a unit roster and could help me fill in the names.

Many, many thanks

John Cunningham

From: "Kevin Wurtz"
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: Searching for info
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 13:32:15 -0500

I am searching for anyone who may have known my father, T/SGT Herbert J. Wurtz. He was with the 319th, 439th Squadron as a Radio-Gunner I believe on a B-26 and I think he was based in Sardinia. Don't know who he crewed with but I have a list of missions attached from 12-18-43 thru 11-23-44. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known/crewed with him or if I could get some guidance on finding further info about his military career.

Kevin wurtz

From: vincenzoluc <>
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: 12th A.F., B-26 mission of 07/February/1944.
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 17:58:10 +0200

Dear Sir,

I am doing a research on the missions to bomb R/R bridges in my small town MANZIANA (north of Rome, Italy) in 1944. I was not yet born at that time but I know that there were the following missions flown by B-26 of the 12th Air Force:

Date BG Notes
01/29/1944 320th It was on the North Bridge and I have all the information.
07/02/1944 not 320th It was on the approach to South Bridge..



Could you help me to fill the vacuum for the mission of 07/02/1944?

Thank you and best wishes,
Vincenzo Lucherini

From: John" <>
To: Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies
Subject: 2nd Lt. Howard A. Kelly
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 11:43:50 -0400

I'm seeking information/photos/recollections of my cousin, 2nd Lt. Howard A. Kelly, 437th BOMB. SQ. 319TH BOMB.GP. His plane crashed on Dec. 12, 1942. All on board were killed. Other crew members: Robert C. Havens, Guy O. Brantly, William H. Williams, Harold L. Baldwin, William H. Jack.
Original burial was in Algeria, then in Arlington.

Thank you. John Stephenson.

rom: "Norbert" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Problems"
Subject: Hausach
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 14:39:02 +0200

Honourable Sir,

I came across your e-mail address through the interesting "324th Fighter Group" webpage. There I have learned that 1st Lt. Albert W. Pines lost his life in Germany. Based on this information, I have searched the area here in the black forest where the people confirmed the incidence to some extent. However, as per the co-ordinates when I have searched in MARC unfortunately I found no information from Lt. Albert W. Pines.

Regarding this mysterious incidence, I have two main questions.

Do you know the location where the Mr. Pines has lost his life? If it was not Mr. Pines, do you know who was the person?

I have come across a crash place in the black forest but I am not sure that it is any way related to Mr. Pines. In case it is of his, I would like to contact his family members. If it was not Mr. Pines then the family members from the one who lost his life here. May I get the related family's address?

I would be pleased if you could help me in this issue. Actually from a long time it was unknown that who the pilot was. Now through this interesting webpage I have great hopes that the puzzle can be explained finally.

Best regards,

Norbert Baumann
from black forest, Germany

From: "Martienvandijk" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: 41-17790
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 21:26:43 +0200

Dear reader,

I am living near the place where the B26 41-17790 made the emergency landing on 03 october 1942.
Can you tell me more about the crew; names etc.
Are there still crew members alive?
To my info the pilots name was lt C.Wall?

Thanks before.

M. van Dijk

From: "Joseph Connaughton" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: Lt. Harold Bekes Diary
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 16:54:14 -0700


David Beckes asked me to copy his grandpa's diary, Lt. Harold Beckes, A Bombardier/Navigator in the 438th Sqdn., and request you to post it in the appropriate place on the 319th page. Would you do that for him, please.

Joe Connaughton
319/438 Bomb./Nav.

From: "zeno" <>
To: "'Webmaster319th-Problems'"
Subject: Link Exchange With Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-in & 319th BG
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 12:25:50 -0600

Hello --

Periodically, I contact all the web sites listed on our "Control Tower" links page to verify that it's ok to include your web site on our list of noteworthy World War II aviation related web sites. We believe the Control Tower is the largest collection of World War II aviation links on the Internet. It's also one of the most visited pages on our site. We would appreciate if you would include us on your links page, if you haven't already done so. That's "Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In" at
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In features free streaming on line videos of 1940-45 vintage WWII Army & Navy training films on how to fly the F4U, F6F, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, P-61, TBF/TBM, AT-6/SNJ, B-17, B-24, B-25, A-20, A-26, B-26, B-29, Stearman N2S and show different WWII avaition documentaries every month "At the Matinee." And we feature exerpts from pilot's manuals for many of the planes.

That's all free to visitors of our site

Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In

From: Corsica <>
To: Webmaster-319thMembers
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 10:46:39 -0400
Subject: site change

Please update my website address info on your page. My new links are:


My old link was:

also, this is my new email address.


Don Kaiser
The 57th Bomb Wing on Corsica

From: "Martienvandijk" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: 41-17790
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 21:47:07 +0200

Dear sir,

I am investigating aircraft crashes in the south west of Holland during ww2. I like to recieve more info about a emergency landing of a B26 on 03-october 1942 on a beach in the Southwest of Holland.

Pilot: Wall?
I like to know crew names and if there are still crew members alive.

I hope you can help me.

Marauder 41-17790 319BG 437th BS

Thanks before
Martien van Dijk
e mail:

From: Spencer Seymour <>
To: Webmaster-319thMembers
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2005 13:09:45 -0700
Subject: baby boomer

To whom this may concern. Dad was with the 319th group 439th squadron.
My dad's name was 1st Lt. Roy Seymour Pilot. Flew Hells Belles and a few others. I have tags he flew 69 combat missions. I am doing a little research and very little bit helps. So can I have my name put in the baby boomers page?


Roy Seymour Jr.

From: "kevin callahan" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: Memorial Day
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 21:46:23 -0400

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the airmen of the 319th for their service during the war. Their sacrifices, and devotion to duty allow us to live in freedom today.

I recently visited my dad in Florida and was able to get a couple of pictures I would like to post. Please see the attachments. In the picture of them in front of "A'int She A Beaut" Dad is on the left in the back row. I will have to find out who the other crew members are, but I know Michael Jenkins, and Lloyd Plant are in the photo.

Thank you 

From: "O.R."Corky" MacFarlane" <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 17:47:50 -0700 (Pacific Standard Time)
Subject: Lost Servivors of B-26 Crash

I am the Adjutant for the Kings County Detachment #455 of the Marine Corps League, My Detachment sponsors the Avenues of Flags in local cemetery.We have a flag from Mrs Janet Hopkins (LaMoine) whose's brother was KIA in WWII PTO He was 2ed/LT Frank B. LaMoine Jr. Bombardier 319Th Bomb Group Squadron number unknown. He was KID 22-May-45 His B-26 went down on take off from Minorca( name of island not sure) South Pacific. There were (4) four survivors from his crew. Any information will be greatly appreciated by his Sister and Family I can be contacted at (559) 582-2773 or e-mail 

From: <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Post-a-Link"
Subject: New Link
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 23:34:23 -0400

Thanks for your fine website.

My name is Joseph Sheppard. I am the son of T.Sgt. Nixon Sheppard, formerly of the 444th Squadron of the 320th BG. Dad was crew chief for several B-26s. Among these was "Jeannie" or "The Jeannie", S/N: 41-18061, a B26-B4; "Jeanie" (II), later renamed "Barbara (Sis)", a B-26-C10-MO (S/N: 41-34890, Battle # 84), and, as I have just discovered, the 319th own "The Boomerang" (S/N: 41-17761). My Dad's diary states: 

"3-23-43: Was made crew chief by the line Chief M/Sgt. A.J. Mayer on aeroplane the 319 B.G. lent to us #41-17761. The ship will be in M/Sgt. A.W. Fraser's flight it had 186:55 hrs on it when I got it. It flew 5:30 hrs. today (three flights). I remember seeing this ship at Ft. Wayne, Ind. It is named "The Boomerang" ".

My Dad's diary states that "The Boomerang" was given back to 319th on 4-7-43. I have more details during this time period (3-23-43 to 4-7-43) in which my father was crew chief of this plane, including his flying in it as "aerial engineer".

Please feel free to link to my site at:
(there is already a link to this site on the 320th BG website)


(Joseph B. Sheppard)

From: "BROCK" <>
To: FWD: 319th Webmaster
Subject: here ya go
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 21:50:08 -0500

Mr. Brockman,

I am the great-nephew of James Kale, pilot with the 439th.

Coincidentally, I ALSO served in the 319th. The 319th BW(H), 46th Bomb Squadron, Grand Forks AFB as a B52 H and G pilot from November of 1981 
till September of 1986 when the unit switched over to B1s.

Please add me to your members list and mailing list.

Thank You
Ted Van Over

From: "Paul Lavoie" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: Group/Squadron Insignia
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 21:48:02 -0400


Could you please advise me which unit is represented in the upper left hand corner of the 319th Group insignia - the design with the German Cross and the Rising Sun in the gun sight. Is this the 319th Group insignia or perhaps the 437th Squadron? I would greatly appreciate this information. Thank you.

Paul Lavoie
23 Clifton Avenue
Salem, NH 03079

That is a good question, unfortunately I don't have the answer. I will however post your query on the Bulletin Board and hopefully someone will email you the answer.


From: "pietro scerrato" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: Montecassino's battle
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 18:34:46 +0200

Hi, my name is Pietro Scerrato I would like to know if 319th bomb group have had a mission against Ferentino (near Rome) during Montecassino's battle in II mondial war and if it did I would like receiving informations.
thanks previously
Best regards
Pietro Scerrato

From: "Matt Colasanti" <>
To: Webmaster
Subject: 319th Bomb Group
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 13:38:36 -0400

Hi Mr. Wolf:

I see a number of references, in email correspondence, to “The Newsletter”. It probably is not published anymore, but I was wondering if you know of anywhere that I might purchase back copies?

By the way, thanks to your’ posting of my original message concerning my uncle, I’ve been communicating with Mr. Connaughton, who has been very helpful-So much so that I am trying to arrange a trip to Maxwell AFB to do more research, and hope to be able to go by and say Hello to him.

A very strange thing has occurred with my uncles burial place. You may recall that I went to a town of Mirandola, Italy in 1999 to look for my uncles grave, because I have a letter dated in 1946 to my grandparents saying that he was buried there. Mr. Connaughton said that he had not heard of Mirandola as a military cemetery, and he saw my uncles name listed, with his crew, in Florence. When in 1999 I could not find either the cemetery or his grave, I contacted the American Battlefield Monuments Commission, who gave me his grave as Flanders Field, Belgium. I later went to Flanders Field, and stood at his gravesite. It is at least a curiosity to see which is correct, since the ABMC had his “O” number on the registration, and he is the only Charles J. Whelan killed in action in the USAAF in WWII.

I would appreciate any next place you might be able to point me in, with regard to the newsletters.

Thank You.

Matt Colasanti

From: "Wolf, Blair" <>
To: Webmaster
Subject: RE: Just checkin'
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 09:00:22 -0500

I heard from Arden Jones, and her husband, Regie, was in the 319th. He has been hospitalized for some time and is now in a Health Care 
Center. She says he isn't able to remember his life or Chuck's. If any of the guys want to send her a note, it is Arden Jones, 2023 Lazare 
Path, Redding, CA 96001.

From: skip boehm <>
To: 319th
Subject: Update on Skip Boehm
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 19:15:14 -0500

Hello Everyone:

I asked my daughter to write a brief email to all of you to give you an update on Skip's condition. As some of you know, he suffered a 
cardiac arrest in the early evening of Tuesday, April 5th. He was air evacuated to Iowa City to the University of Iowa Hospital Center. He 
had angioplasty and had 2 new fangled stents put in. After that he was in ICU until Sunday, April 10th. He then was moved to a step 
down unit and TODAY was released to Younker Rehab Center in Des Moines. He will be undergoing therapy for a minimum of two 

We are not sure if he will be able to check his email, so if you would like to send him a card or letter via the snail mail, his address is:

Skip Boehm
Younker Rehabilitation Center
Powell 4
1200 Pleasant St.
Des Moines, IA 50309

Thanks to everyone for all your cards and calls and emails to date. I will be in Des Moines with our four kids that live in the area for the 
length of his stay. 

Lena Boehm

From: "Brad Gurgel" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Problems"
Subject: Bomber Information
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 21:41:28 -0500


I am giving a speech on appreciation for the pilots who flew the flying fortress bombers during world war II. I found your name on a 
veterans web site and was wondering if you could provide me with any information. I know you may not have flown or been in a bomber, 
but maybe you know some pilots or know information about these flying fortresses. I have a few questions I was wondering about:

1. Were the pilots aware of the fact that flying these bombers was a very dangerous job? Were they still willing to go on the missions 

2. What impact did the flying fortresses have on world war II. 

3. What other facts or memories do you have of these bombers or pilots during world war II? 

Any information you could provide me with would be a great help! Thanks for your time!


Brad Gurgel
Martin Luther College, New Ulm MN

From: "Joan Duncan" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies" 
Subject: pow
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 18:41:37 -0500

hello could anyone help me to get info on my dad. he was in ww2 and i think a pow name van hubert duncan, thanks

From: Alan Peterson <>
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: Chapel at Decimomannu, Sardinia
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 11:19:37 -0600

Web master,

I am working on a documentary about a group of airmen from the 319th and 320th Bomb Groups who built a chapel on the base at Decimomannu, Sardinia. The chapel was constructed between February and April of 1944 and was utilized until September of that same year when the groups were transferred to Corsica. 

I have attached two photos of some of the men and the chapel and hope that you might be able to publish them on the 319th's website. I can also provide an article about the construction of the chapel if it would be of interest. I would appreciate corresponding with anyone who remembers the chapel there on the airfield.

If I can answer any questions, I would be happy to do so. I can also be reached by phone at 801 209 5567.

Thank you for your help.

Alan Peterson,
Flying Leap Films


The article can be found here:

From: Alan Peterson <>
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: FW: Chapel at Decimomannu, Sardinia
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 12:38:17 -0600


Thanks for such a quick and supportive response. I hope this forwarded e-mail gives you what you need. This has been a very rewarding project for
me. I lived in Italy for a couple of years and, more importantly, my Uncle Charlie was a bombardier on a B-26. So, this is an opportunity to pay
tribute to him.

Decimo--A documentary that follows the efforts of members of the 319th and 320 Bomb Groups as they seek the support and strength of their faith in
wartime Sardinia. The culmination of this faith is the construction of a small chapel on the base that became a focus of fellowship and hope in the
face of war.

Decimo is being produced by BELLA SION in association with Savage Pictures. BELLA SION gathers the largest on-line collection of historical and
Biographical documents, pertaining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) in Italy. ( In English and Italian ) Savage Pictures is a full service film and video post-production facility specializing in long format narrative and documentary projects.

Let me know if this info doesn't work for you.

Thanks again for all your support,

Alan Peterson 

From: "Matt Colasanti" <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: RE: Michael Deslarowitz, bombardier, 438th Squadron, 319th MIA 22 dec,1944
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 11:30:18 -0500

Hello Mr. Wolf.

My name is Matthew Colasanti. I am 64 years of age, and I live @29 Fox Court, Hicksville New York. I am the nephew of 1st LT. Charles J. Whelan, 0-814807, who was a B-25 1st Pilot, who was KIA on 22 Dec, 1944 on a mission to bomb the rail bridge at Torreberetti, Italy. It was his 46th combat mission. (I will connect him to the above individual in a minute). My uncle “Charlie” whose nickname was Happy, was a very popular high school sports star in Jamaica, in Queens, New York before joining the USAAF in 1943. 

I have spent parts of the last five years trying to find out information about my uncle, because his oldest sister (My aunt) lives here locally and is now ninety years old, and she has given me some of his records, and letters, including the letter from Major Norton, who was leading the attack that day. It was sent to my grandparents, as Uncle Charlie was single, and it explained that just at “Bombs away” my uncle’s a/c was hit, and that he saw some chutes open. It was not until 1946 that he was confirmed as KIA. 

Now to the subject above. In reading a part of this web sight yesterday, I saw a note, dated May 28, 2000 from Fred Shay to Joseph Connaughton, together with a picture of Lt. Deslarowitz with a shot glass in his hand. Some one had asked them if they could ID the person, and Mr. Shay did that. The problem is, Mr. Shay’s explanation talked of Lt. Deslarowitz having been killed with all the other crew members that day. In fact, the Lt. was the only survivor that day, and while badly wounded, wound up the war in Stalag Luft VII. He too was a New Yorker, and while I have the after action report, MACR’s and other papers, I also have a vivid early memory of him coming to visit my grandparents (We lived with them during the war), and of all three of them sitting at the table crying. It is a memory I’ve carried my whole life. 

Now for the reason for this communiqué; I am attempting to put together a history of my uncle’s time in the service, which I and my aunt, will present to a warbird museum here in Farmingdale. New York called the American Airpower Museum. I am a member there, and they intend to make a permanent display of the material. I have pictures of him, some of his medals, letters from Major Norton and Colonel Holzapple, a number of his flight instruction books from Barksdale, the after action report of his final mission, and a number of mission records, however the mission records show only elapsed time of mission, date, type of a/c flown, and his accumulated hours. They do not show any destinations. 

I would like to compile a history of as many of his missions as possible, but I don’t know how to go about it. I am going to the AAF Historical records in Alabama this summer, and I’ve talked to the AF Historical Society at Bolling Field, but am stumped. When I found this web site, I sent emails to both Messrs Connaughton and Shay, but have heard nothing back as yet. I would love to talk to anyone who knew and/or flew with my uncle, and would be interested in any photos of the unit of units, or members. I would like to complete this task while my aunt is still with us, so there is an urgency about all this.

My contact information is as follows:

Matthew Colasanti
29 Fox Court
Hicksville, New York 11801-5703

Email is:

Work phone: 516-496-9399
Home phone: 516-938-0596

I would be honored to receive any communiqué from any member as above, and if there is any charge for any material, I would be more than happy to pay for it. I would also be willing to copy and send any info I have that someone may want to see.

Thank you very much for the work you’ve been doing to keep this incredible heritage alive.

Matthew Colasanti

From: "Bob Maxey" <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: Your 319th Bomb Group Web Site - Can you please help me?
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 02:07:49 -0700

Greetings . . .

My name is Robert Maxey, and before I ask my question, here is a quote from your web site:

"Squadron Short Bursts . . .

HQS Appreciated Chuck Ohanian’s “sad news” call informing us of Robert T. “Bud” Shipler’s recent passing (see “Taps”). Chuck said he received a call from Bud’s wife, Bethel, better known to their friends as “Peach”, saying Bud had lost his long battle with cancer.'

I worked with Bud Shipler at Bill Shipler Photo, here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I knew Bud for about 15 years. During the war, he was stationed in Colorado (I think) and he was an instructor at what was called "The Vectograph School." FYI: Vectographs were 3D images and they were widely used by most branches of the military.

I am working on a book about the history of the photographic process and I am hoping to locate someone who can tell me more about the school. I do not know if the Vectograph school was a separate specialty school or part of a general photographic training class Bud taught.

Can you please tell me how I would research this? I would gather that I need to contact the AF's historical department, but I do not know. 

Any help you can provide will be appreciated, and kind regards.

Robert Maxey

. . .

To: Webmaster
Subject: looking
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 16:08:04 EST

Our father, Wallace P. Graham, recently passed away. He was with the 397th flying B26. We are just trying to find some of the men that may have known our dad. Was hoping you may know of a website for them. would appreciate your help. 

One of the pilots he flew with was Warren Bittner, from California. 

Thank you 
Carol graham Seiler

To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 14:55:29 EST
Subject: Search for a burial site of World War II Air Force co-pilot

Perhaps you can help me find where my cousin Donald Lembcke is buried. I don't know what bomb group he was in but he crashed a B176 plane, #237766, in Hoogeveen, Holland on Dec.22, 1943. That is all the information I have and I am at a loss as to how to go about the search. I don't believe he was buried in a military cemetery so those records have been of no help. If you could give me some ideas of how to proceed, I would be most grateful. 
Thank you . 
Nancy Templeman at

From: Tim Allen <>
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: General Holzapple
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 18:12:29 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Wolf,

I am a Navy Commander on active duty, currently in the Pentagon. My father-in-law (Wayne Morrow) is a recently retired English teacher in Grants Pass, OR. He recently completed a biography of a WWII vet named Maury Saunders (LCOL, USAF retired) who served with General Holzapple in WWII and greatly admired him (as everybody else did apparently). Wayne would like to send a copy of his book to other Holzapple followers for their enjoyment and feedback. If this is of interest to you, please send your organization name and street address so he can send you a copy.
CDR Tim Allen

By all means, Send me a copy. BW

From: <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies" 
Subject: SSGT Joseph Higgins
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 22:24:53 -0600

Does anyone have any additional information on my uncle, Joe Higgins. I believe he was lost Nov. 26 1943. Three B26s were lost on this mission from Decimomannu Airdrome, Sardinia to Arrezzo Italy to bomb a marshalling yard. I have one page of a letter from the war department and they hint it was a midair in bad weather as the mission was recalled. I don't know what his aircraft duties were. Staff Sergeant Joseph P. Higgins 36316796. 
Thank you and god bless the veterans.

From: <>
Subject: Please post
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 18:19:22 -0600

I am seeking infomation re my daddy: 1st Lt Edward N. Bond..Bombardier/Navigator, Was at Kirkland & Carlsbad in 5/43..Barksdale???..He flew out of Italy/North Africa. 

Separation records show Air Offensive Europe ROME, ARNO SOUTHEREN FRANCE NORTH APENNINES..Distinguished Flying Cross 12AF GO 190 44: Air Medal w/ 6 oak leaf clustersssssssvGO 247 HQ 12AF,,Purple Heart GO 14 321 BG44..European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal w/4 bronze stars...The Purple Heart was 5/44 Corsica. 

Daddy would not talk about the war so my info is very limited. He is not on the 320, 447,489,321,448,319 rosters (at least I can't find his name on one). 

Can anyone help me?? Yes, I realize it's long shot but my daddy did like to gamble! He died 10 yrs ago & I do miss him so...

e-mail me @

From: "ronmiller" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies"
Subject: Lost
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 14:26:51 -0600

I'm looking for info and pictures of a SSGT Lavern Helpingstine. His headstone indicates he was a member of the 319th Bomb Group, 439th Squadron. His obituary states he was killed during a mission over Germany on November 12, 1942. I am his son and have been trying to find information about my father most of my life. I have recently found the info I listed above. If you remember him or know of that mission please contact me at:

To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 06:28:15 EST
Subject: i'd like to be listed under baby boomers/spouses/family

Thanks to many people on this site, including yourself. my Uncle, Sgt. Maurice
L. Cohen, and 5 of his fellow crewmembers all listed below;

Capt. Ellis Arnold
Col. Phillips
Sgt Jenkins
Sgt. Brdeja
Sgt Johnson

were discovered during a dredging operation of the Bay of Tunis, No. Africa after laying in a grave under the sea in their B26 since 12/15/42, in 2000. And finally laid to rest at Arlington Nat'l cemetary on April 23, 2003. I'd like to be listed as Gary Cohen, nephew......he was with the 437th BS, 319th BG, B26 Martin Marauder # 41-17759-Horsefeathers. His serial number was #31031281, missing aircrew report # 16380

Also you need to update the section "319th buried overseas" for the above listed crewmembers, as they are no longer there. They are back here on our soil, after a heroes welcome home. all six crewmembers families attended, the experience was just incredible and one you read about that happens to others. I have quite a bit personal info on my uncle that has surfaced since this historic event, and also what the Army gave us as a family, on the mission, the whereabouts of the discovery, how they identified the crew, and artifacts discovered with the crew.

Gary Cohen

From: burton keeble <>
To: webmaster-319thmembers 
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 17:38:14 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Registration

I am the son of AAF Capt. Walter Burton Keeble.

On December 24, 1942 Lt. Keeble was assigned as an assistant S-2 officer in Photo Interpretation for the 445 Bomb Squadron of the 321st Bomb Group.

On May 26, 1943, Lt. Keeble was assigned to A-2 Photo Interpretation for the 47th Wing of the 15th Air Force. He was promoted to Captain in December, 1943.

Captain Keeble was killed early in the morning of July 9, 1944, while enroute to retrieve fresh film from a bombing raid.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who can help me get information about my father.

Burton Keeble (

From: "Gary Wertz" <>
To: "Webmaster-319thMembers"
Subject: Request Info Pertaining to MIA Cousin
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 15:14:11 -0800

I would like to have contact with anyone who knew a 2nd cousin of mine; he was the pilot of a Martin B-26, 41-18291, shot down and missing in action on a mission near Sardinia on 18 June 1943. His name is 1LT J. Lee Schoonover from Lucerne, MO. he was attached to the 319th Bomb GP. 42nd Wing, 437th Bomb Squadron. If anyone reads this and knew him or has any information about the mission I would appreciate any info you might be able to pass on. 

Thank you.
Gary R. Wertz, AWC(NAC) USN RET.
Olympia, WA.

Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 11:20:34 +0100

Giancarlo TAGLIATI
10080 San Benigno Canavese 
Via Olivetti n°20 Torino Italy
Tele/fax ++39(011) 988 78 11 
cell 0335-5718799


Dear sires,

I am looking any kind of records regarding the 319th BG that bombed my borns village named Cavarzere (Venice) during the last period of II W War. The first incursion have benn on the 31th august 1944 on the RR bridge across the river Adige : Po valley , East zone a lot of miles from Adriatic sea. ( topographic ref. E450012) . An other photo I find out at London IWM witch describeds the SAAAF ( South African Air Force ) MARAUDER BOMB Adige river o 4th august ?44( IWM ref. C 4565 ). I including, as attach , one photo made by 319th BG . Please I am search any kind of record, photos, movies, document inherent these event. As below specified:

1) The staff or crew names , (their images are very appreciated)
2) The bombering map 
3) Recent or old airborne photos , flying or parking
4) Any despatch , history, were are indicated the names Adria, Cavarzere
( sometime the name it is vrote improperly as Cabazere or Bavagere ) and/or
Po and Adige ( rivers ).

I thank you very much for your cooperation

From: "Morris, Ryan" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: Harold L Morris Aerial gunner/ Radio Operator
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 03:37:18 -0800

I would like to know all I could about my grand father Harold L Morris. If someone has any info about his time in 319th 437th squad I would like to here from you . 
Thank You 

From: Gary and Linda Rowland <>
To: webmaster
Subject: Little help on finding information
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 07:15:48 -0800 (PST)

From: Gary Rowland

I am the son of Chief Master Sergeant George C. Rowland who was with the 319th during the war. I am sure he was with the 440th squadron, and I know that he was assigned to the pictured aircraft "Dirty Bird" on the web site. I think that it was he who took that picture that is posted on your web site. My Dad is still alive and well and I would like to get "anything from anyone" who might remember him to pass along to him at Christmas time. He retired in 1975 from the Air Force and attended his last reunion when it was in San Antonio TX. I have heard him talk about John L. Muckey , Joe Chenard (spelling probably wrong) and several others, but I know that he has lost track of others that may still remember him. Anything that would lead me to one of his old buddies would be greatly appreciated. We are a proud military family and I am retired Air Force as well and also have a son who served. I am thanking you in advance for anything you can email. 


From: Andy Bush <>
To: Webmaster 
Subject: Staff Sergeant Elwood J. Bush: 437th Bomber Squadron, 319th Bomber Group
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 11:25:54 -0800 (PST)


I am trying to locate information about my great uncle who served with the 437th Bomber Squadron, 319th Bomber Group, Medium. He is listed MIA and memorialized at the North African American Cemetery. I don't know much about what he did, only that his plane went down on June 18, 1943. His details are:

Elwood J. Bush 
ID: 33151640 
Entered the Service From: Pennsylvania 
Rank: Staff Sergeant 

Service: U.S. Army Air Forces, 437th Bomber Squadron,
319th Bomber Group, Medium 

Died: Friday, June 18, 1943 
Memorialized at: North Africa American Cemetery 
Location: Carthage, Tunisia 

Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart 

If anyone has any information, please let contact me


To: Webmaster
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 21:10:38 EST
Subject: Any persons with Walnut Ridge Army Air Field connections

The Walnut Ridge Army Flying School Museum will be filming a Documentary for T.V. early in 2005 about the WRAAF (USAAF Basic Flying School), the Marine Corps Air Facility, Walnut Ridge, and the Warbird Disposal Facility located at Walnut Ridge following WWII. Would like information on anyone connected with any of the above, or crewmembers who ferried aircraft to WRAAF after WWII.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Harold Johnson

From: "Don Robertson" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies" 
Cc: "Ken Robertson" <>
Subject: MY FATHER
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 08:56:30 -0800



From: "Todd Lawrence" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: Maid in the Shade Nose Art
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 07:30:35 -0700


Here's a progress pic. I hope to be complete by our annual Veteran's Day Fly-In Nov. 6-7. 

A quick question: I'm painting the 319th shield at the moment. On the upper right quadrant (438th?) the Eagle is clutching a banner with text. It's not legible on any of the ones I have. Do you know what it says?

Also, is the bunny for the 440th's holding up a #1 finger, a thumb's up, or flashing the bird? 

Thanks for your help, 

Todd Lawrence 

Anyone who's got an answer for Todd, and/or a high resolution scan (anyone with a color version, please send that along as well), please "CC" me ( with it, thank you. -BW

From: "david beckes" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies"
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 14:46:38 -0600


Subject: Harold Beckes
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 21:23:33 EDT

Harold Beckes was my Bombardier in Sardinia and Corsica during WW2. I don't now exactly but we flew around 30 odd missions together. Beckes hit the target on all but the first mission. I got to Sardinia before he did and had five or six missions under my belt before he came, We were put on the same crew and dropped many many practice bombs while we were flying as wingman. Then on my 11th mission we were designated element lead, which meant that from the IP to the target we flew as lead of a three-ship flight. Which was number four position in the six-ship flight. We had a bombsight and our wingmen would drop their bombs when we did. Everything went fine until we left the IP. I don't know what went wrong - I was following Beckes directions from the bomb sight but we dropped our bombs two miles short of the target. When we returned to Decimo, Col Holtzaple met our airplane and when he got through with us we went back to dropping practice bombs. After that Beckes never missed a target and we had a few really rough ones He was one hell of a bombardier. Just thought you might find that bit of info interesting. If you have any questions I might answer just let me know. There are several of us still above ground who knew your grandpa. Among them - Rip Collins, Joe Connaughton and Fred Shay 


Subject: Marauder Men
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 21:38:42 EDT

Here's a book my friend in Norway told me about, I have not read it but it includes the 319th.

Click here: Military, Air Force History, B-26: Return of the Marauder Men.

From: "Roger Juglair" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: Informations on 23rd August 1944
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 02:25:58 +0200

Hi men of the 319th
my name is Jugalir Roger, I live in Pont Saint-Martin, Aosta Valley, Italy.
I am an amateur researcher and in particular on my town history. 

On 23rd August 1944 my town was bombed by 16 planes of 340th BG and Don Kaiser and other members of 340th veterans help me in this research.

Now I wanna try to reconstitute the journey of 23rd August 1944 in all this particulars regarding the air war in the Southern Europe Front, so I need all information are possible to recollect on this day's missions and targets.

I would be glad if you can send me by e-mail any material regarding the missions of 319th Bomber Group on this day.

Some researchers indicates the 319th BG may be on Avignon (France) or Imperia (Italy).

Juglair Roger

P.S.: My idea is to create a series of pages on a italian internet site dedicate to " A simple journey in the II WW". The site will be in 3 languages italian, french and english.

To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: Help concerning my uncle's squadron in the 319th??
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 09:43:05 -0600

Hi -

My uncle is Floyd L Harris and he was a waist or belly gunner in the 319th in Africa and Europe. He flew 66 missions, but I don't know his squadron and he can't remember. He is now 80 and in excellent health and he said the 420th wing group (?), but I don't know what this equates to. Do you know of anyway I can find out or might you have information on any other members of his squadron? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm his nephew.


Richard L Harris

To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: Personnel Search
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 14:39:35 EDT

webmaster: please pass to proper editor:

Final request:

Request any information concerning whereabouts of ot Tom (nmi) Malffettone, 32410039, last known rank S/Sgt, last known duty position, flight crew engineer gunner. Last known alive spring, 1944, 437th Bomb Sq, 319th Bomb Group, Sardinia. Home town thought to be Bronx, New York.

Any later possible sightings, matter how vague or uncertain, after that date, would be greatly appreciated. Six men owed their lives to that young man.

John T. Gaffey, II Pilot, 437th Bomb Sq, 319h Bomb Gp, 1944, Sardinia. 

It is with great sorrow that I post this, Mjr. Charles H. Wolf, Retired...
His faithful Grandson 

Reunion Info has been posted as of 5/21/2004

From: "samanthaandben" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies"
Cc: "Ken Robertson" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 16:31:56 -0700



PHONE: (949) 951-2594

To: Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies
Subject: Sanford Patrick Hooper
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 09:40:15 -0500


My father served with the 319th. I don't know much more than that...other than the fact that he was a radio operator and served with you guys in Northern Africa and Italy. I am the youngest of seven and lost my father in 1979 -- I was 14 at the time. I would like to know more about those days of service during the war and learn a bit more about the men who served this country alongside my father. Any active members remember my dad? I work for a convention hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas and would love to bring the group's reunion to my city. It would make me very proud to do so!!! 

Thanks -
Mark Hooper 
Sales Manager
The Peabody Little Rock
#3 Statehouse Plaza
Little Rock, AR 72201
TEL: 501-399-8004
FAX: 501-375-7320

From: Charles.W.Bonnell@LEE.ARMY.MIL
To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: Looking for Information
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 14:36:45 -0400

My uncle, Ted Fuller of Belmont, NC served with the 440th BS. Looking for information about his unit or any one that served with him.
Thanks, LTC B

LTC Charles W. Bonnell
Director, Logistics Training Department

Are you wearing your dog tags today?

From: "shirleys" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: need help
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 10:27:08 -0700

Hi. I'm trying to find anyone that was with Staff Sgt Robert I.Morris ,Aerial Gunner, Radio Operator in the 437th Bombardment Squadron.319th Group. that has any pictures of their plane. the name was Lady Katy. Have the tags off the first booms with info about the drop and mission on them that he wrote.Putting together a booklet about it.
thank you. Shirley for Mrs. Robert Morris 
email me at

From: "John Moench" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments" 
Subject: A Startling Development
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 11:49:40 -0500

To My Friends in the 319th Group:

I think you should know (and I hope you would kindly pass this information
on to Esther Oyster with my best wishes regarding her new life), that the
most recent individual appointed by William Perry, President of the B-26
Marauder Historical Society (MHS), to serve as a Director of the Society is
writing outlandishly disparaging commentary especially focused on the 319th
Group (of which he apparently was a member) but to include your companion
organizations such as the 17th and 320th Groups -- and much more.

Some weeks ago, this new MHS Director wrote that many Marauder Men had to be
"dragged kicking and screaming" to the Port of Embarkation en route to
combat. This offensive comment was immediately countered by prior MHS
President William Morton who demanded that, for cause, this new Director be
removed from office. Certainly, no individual should serve as a leader and
representative of the Marauder community that holds anti and disparaging
views respecting this fine community of individuals.

Unfortunately, the President and Board of Directors of the MHS defended this
new Director's comments and refused to remove him from office. In attempt
to force the current President and Board of the MHS to act in the best
interests of the Marauder community and the purposes of the MHS (which in
many other ways was already being seriously undermined by this leadership),
the sender of this message to you, also a prior President of the MHS and its
(now relieved) Historian, drafted an article suggesting that, for cause,
this new Director of the MHS should be drummed out of the organization.

But, before this draft article could be distributed, this new Director came
forth with even greater criticism of the Marauder Men and especially the
Marauder Groups that served with distinction in North Africa, the
Mediterranean and Southern France.

While the range of this new degrading criticism is very broad, to illustrate
the focus one significant element will be cited. It is his commentary that
your wartime service was a "side show" and that, as such, your units were
manned by the "dregs" with the best aircrews going to England.

This new director went on to claim that 5-8% of the enlisted men (and
apparently some equivalent of officers and NCOs) suffered from an "aversion
to flying in the short wing B-26" and "coupled with fear of the old B-26 and
the added fear of flak and fighters, it was simply more than some of the men
could handle."

He then disparages an unnamed First Sergeant in the 437th Squadron on this

Then, to support his conclusions, among other assertions, he recites
(alleges) specific personal knowledge as follows:

"The officer I remember so well was from Louisiana and should never have
been in service. He was highly nervous and had a decided twitch. He had
flown the southern route as co-pilot. No one wanted to fly with this 1st
Lieutenant. Our Operations Officer scheduled the lieutenant to fly a
mission as co-pilot and directed me to stand behind the co-pilot's seat with
an 8 pound fire extinguisher in hand with orders to knock the lieutenant's
brains out if he panicked and tried to force the plane to return to base."

I will not herein go into my own view of this sort of commentary, but will
leave it up to your outstanding leaders and representatives to rebut and
otherwise deal with that which this new Director asserts.

If you desire, I will copy to you the latest commentary (an email) of this
new Director of the Society, but I shall have to accompany that copy with
some attached examination, e.g. in his commentary, this new Director accuses
me of being a "racist" -- revealing the character of this new Director and
the far fetched nature of this commentary, while this allegation is
attributed to something he alleges I authored, investigation reveals that it
actually is based on a letter he received from another individual and that
the content did not make reference to me. Making the actions of this new
Director even more incomprehensible is that I have been advised that this
Director's post war background includes being an attorney and a judge.

I am now preparing a letter to the President and Board of the Society to add
my voice to that of prior President William Morton (and others) to demand
that this new Director be removed from the Board of Directors and any and
all positions of representation of the Marauder community. I am also urging
that those on the MHS Board that support this kind of ugly, unproductive
commentary be removed. I urge you and your fellow organizations such as the
17th and 320th Groups to do the same --even to take the additional step of
formulating action to take back the MHS from the clique that now secretly
manipulates the MHS for what is increasingly appearing to be self-serving
ends and conflict of interest purposes.

Write to (but do it quickly before more damage is done to the MHS and
Marauder history):

William E. Perry, Jr., President
B-26 Marauder Historical Society
6006 E. Miramar Drive
Tucson, AZ 85715


You might also wish to know what is going on in SECRET in the confines of
the Board of Directors of the Society -- actions which include revisions to
the by-laws without reference to the members, transfer of hundreds of
thousands of dollars from the treasury of the MHS to the Arizona Aerospace
Foundation/Pima Air & Space Museum in spite of the continued failure of that
organization to perform (this financial action being taken over the
objection of the Finance Officer who is being removed from office as a
result of his refusing to sign away the Society's resources in this manner),
and much more that would startle any Marauder associated individual and
especially all Members and supporters of the Society. For continued
revelation on this subject, click into

/s/ Major General John O. Moench, USAF (Ret)
905 Sweetwater Blvd. South
Longwood, FL 32779-3430


To contact ex President William P. Morton (cited above), the address is:

351 Skyline Drive
Hazard, KY 41701


For a detached view of this situation, contact historian Trevor Allen in


Should, as suggested above, you correspond to MHS leadership, you may
receive no response from the President of the MHS or from other MHS
Directors as, collectively, they have now and for several years refused to
answer any critical communication from the Members of the MHS and especially
from prior Officers and Directors. A similar policy has been in effect in
the Pima Air & Space Museum.

You may distribute this message within the 319th Group and/or to other
organizations and individuals as you so desire.

From: "Franz Reisdorf, MD" <>
To: "'Webmaster 319th-Post-a-Link'" 
Subject: Please
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 07:06:55 -0600

Dear members of the 319th,

I had viewed your site quite awhile ago, but have not been back for a bit. I like the new additions.
Over this last year, we (myself and the 320th BG Reunion Association) have developed a website dedicated to the 320th Bomb Group. We would be honored if you would place a link to our site. The more publicity we can get the better for we are really looking forward to getting a good turnout for the 2004 Reunion. The reunion information is on the site.
The address is:
Also, here is the new address for Bill Griner’s site, which has moved should you want to make the change in that link, too.
I placed a link from our site to yours as well. Keep in touch.
Take care and best wishes,

Franz Reisdorf
Web editor for the 320th Bomb Group/Wing Reunion Association

From: "John Thompson" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: S/Sgt. Melvin W. Craig sn 19059322
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 20:17:27 -0600

I'm looking for anyone who may remember, or have orders and other documents which may refer to or include the name of S/Sgt. Melvin W. Craig sn 19059322. Flight engineer with the Lt. Penrod crew assigned to the 440th BS from sometime in May 1943 until re-assigned to the 301st BG (H) in mid-august 1943. Sgt. Craig was MIA/KIA 11 Jan. 1944 and no records survive. He was my wife's uncle and I am trying to reconstruct his service for the family history. 
John Thompson

To: Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies
Subject: Lost
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 21:30:30 EST

I am looking for anyone who knew my grandfather, James G. Clark, who was a gunner in an A-26 Invader, he was wounded on the 18 of July, 1945 by flak. the only injury received during the entire operations in July. It was on mission 497, the fourth in theater, Lung-Hua, Airdrome, Shang Hi China. I am looking for which squadron he was in 437,438,439, or 440? What was the name of his plane and does any one have any photos of the plane and or crew? Any additional info on him or his plane and crew would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob. 

To: Webmaster-319thMembers
Subject: looking for info on friends father from WWII
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 19:53:17 EST

My name is Scott Payton and I am looking for info on my friends father who flew in the B-26 during WWII, his last name is Hammesfahr. If he was not in the 319th is there a web sight I can go to to help me find what unit he flew with? 
Thank you for your time, Scott. 

From: MartinB-26MarauderGroup moderator <>
Subject: Invitation to join the MartinB-26MarauderGroup group 
Date: 3 Jan 2004 18:22:19 -0000 has invited you to join the MartinB-26MarauderGroup group!

A message from

click here to sign up!

From: "Kevin W" <>
To: "Webmaster"
Subject: 319th @ Arlington Cemetery
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 19:08:13 -0800

Happy New Year to all.
I live in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, and my mother is buried at Arlington Cemetery. When I read Gary Cohen's posting, about the group burial at Arlington, I went to the cemetery and located the burial site. I am sending photos of the headstone, and of the 319th marker at the cemetery. 

Thank you to all who served, and are serving in the armed forces to protect our freedom.

Kevin Callahan

Click Images for larger view

Subject: 319TH BG PICTURES
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 11:51:30 EST


I have a couple of photos of what I am pretty sure are 319th BG B-26 aircraft. The one of the aircraft on the ground is 41-34860 named "Mizpah". The one in flight I have reason to believe may be 41-34888 over Naples. There is no serial number on the back of the photo but, the numbers "888" are penciled. If you look close you can make out the number 34 on the tail fin of the plane. The pictures come from the family of S/Sgt Charles F. Findlay from Utica, New York. He completed Flexible Gunnery School at Tyndall Army Air Field in Florida. The family has very little information on the late Mr. Findlay's wartime service, but it is possible that he was in the 319th BG on Sardinia. If you have any information on him I would appreciate hearing back from you. 

Thank you,
Byron Behm

Click Images for larger view

From: Mysicka, Michael <>
To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: B-26 ash tray pic
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 14:20:15 EST

When my father passed away in 1999 I found this in his closet

From: "Mark Poole" 
To: Webmaster
Subject: looking for information/pictures
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 21:02:02 -0600

I am looking for information/pictures of Lt. William Brown's crew who flew B-26 016 S/N 41-34936. I believe this was their first mission. They were returning from a bomb run over Salerno and were shot down approximately 30 miles off the coast on 8/22/43. I am most interested in S/Sgt Alfred H. Conz. My grandfather was a Conz.


Mark Poole

From: "Harlow, Rob" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies" 
Subject: Alvord Rutherford
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 15:59:37 -0600

I am looking for any information that anyone may have about Alvord Rutherford, my wife's grandfather. He was killed November 12, 1942. My mother-in-law never got to meet her father as she was born while Mr. Rutherford was overseas. I am particularly interested in the events surrounding his death since he is buried in France and was killed about the time the unit in action in North Africa. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Harlow

From: "The Stevens Family" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Comments"
Subject: 319th A-26
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 17:32:17 -0800

I am the historian for the 7th Fighter Command which was the fighter arm of the 7th AF. The 319th was attached to the 7th at the end of the war out of Okinawa I believe. Anyway I have this fellow Hank Wilson who flew an A-26 to Iwo Jima with the Name Jig-Mite #883. He doesn't remember even who he was attached to. I have a color photo of 4 A-26's lined up on Iwo Jima and one of the birds was his. I found a photo in the book The Seventh Airforce Story by Ken Rust that has a photo of Jig-Mite and was wondering if anyone would know where I could get a good copy of it for this gentleman. Also if I can find anything out about the 4 A-26's that were flown to Iwo in late August of 45 it would be greatly appreciated.


Mark Stevens

To: Webmaster-319thMembers
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 10:48:03 EST
Subject: Roster?

I am Walter J. Hirsch, at the time 2nd Lt. CoPilot, with the 319th bomb group, 440th squadron, who was shot down Sept 26th, 1944 during the bombing of the bridge @Ostiglia on the Po, was injured, and spent time in Italy, in hospitals, ending up in Mantua, and sent from there to Freising, Germany to another hospital. Sent to Stalag VIIA in January (! of only 10 American officers at that time) and freed by Pattons troops on April 29th, 1945.

I recently got a call from a man, whose brother (I think) was Elmer Brust, who was a pilot, and shot down, and died, on Jan 20, 1944 @Pontec drvo ??. I promised him that I would investigate this for him. I think he was in the 319th or 320th. Please help me give better closure to Elmer, if you possibly can. 

Thanks Wally 

From: "Tim Grotheer" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies" 
Subject: Lost
ArrivalTime: 27 Oct 2003 15:46:45.0951 (UTC) 

I'm interested in information on my Dad who passed away in 1983. His name was Darwin Grotheer, Sgt. and he was in North Africa and Italy. I believe he was also on a troop ship to Japan when the war ended and turned around before they got there. He never talked too much about his experiences and I'd like to know more about that period of his life.

Please accept my thanks for your sacrifices for us and for our Country. 


Tim Grotheer

To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: Assistance Please
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 10:08:26 EDT

I am trying to locate information on a B-26B plane in the 12th AF that was w/ the 319th BG. My father, SSgt. Earnest Ameen was in the 12th and painted noses on aircraft. I know he painted one called "Little Sirocco". Can you please give me any information at all on this plane?

Thanks so much,
Rusty Ameen

From: "paul murdock" <>
To: "Webmaster" 
Subject: son of sgt p a murdock
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 19:03:30 -0400

I have been searching for info on my father, who's picture is on the photo of "Randy's " 319th 440. He is the airman far to the left, with a cap on his head and that cocky look ,I have seen in old photo's of him. I know that he died on July 12th of 44. My grandmother had his body brought back to the states, and buried in cedar hill cemetery, Suitland, MD. I have a picture of his grave stone, which I took before moving to Myrtle Beach, SC. If you can tell me any info about him, it would be great. I was six mo's old when he died.

Paul A Murdock, jr

To: 319th Webmaster
Subject: 319th 437
Reply-To: "Jim & Deb Day" <>
Original Arrival Time: 11 Oct 2003 23:41:20.0615 (UTC) 

My father was in the 437th and I have pictures of B-26's in flight, one of the planes is named "Little Sirocco". My father's name was SSgt Loyd Day. Can anyone give me any information about him or his outfit. I'm just curious if anyone knew him or knew of him. He passed away in 1977. 
Jim Day

To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 15:27:39 EDT
Subject: 319thB.G.~437thB.S.//final resting place ArlintonNationalCemetary61ys later

Hi there:
This past April 24th, 2002 I along with a host of other family members of most of the crew of a B26 Martin Marauder that was shot down 61 years ago into the Bay of Tunis, North Africa, had the special privileged as we were invited by The U.S. Army to finally welcome home and bury the crew with great honors at Arlington National Cemetery.
The crew of a B26, named Horse-Feathers. These Six Brave Souls lost their lives on December 15,1942 as they had just bombed El Aouina Airport in Tunis. They were 1 of 13 USAF medium duty bombers that took off that fateful day. 6 were B-25 Mitchell bombers, the remaining were B-26's. the B-25's aborted the mission when failing to meet their Fighter escorts, but the B-26's decided to stay steady, regardless of the dangers. When they finished bombing the Airport, they were hit by a direct fire of Flak, the plane was seen to crash into the water, Aprox 2miles from shore.
The bodies of the aircrew Pilot Ellis E. Arnold, Co-Pilot&Col. C.T. Phillips, Radio Operator J. Johnson, Nav/Bomb R.B. Jenkins, T/gunner M.L. Cohen, Flt Enginr J.E. Brdeja were never recovered due to the loss of aircraft over water.
The methods of recovery were yet to be developed(1960) so the crew was deemed killed in action& lost at sea.
In November of 2000, the Tunisian Government was involved in a huge dredging operation of the Bay of Tunis, when the operation began to bring up artifacts of either a British or American WWII bomber, when the Dredge brought up human remains, the project was stopped. The Tunisian Gov't called the U.S. Army who sent a team of divers and they found serial numbers, and a huge catch of human remains, so they deemed it a recovery operation. The Army sent a team to the site for excavation in Jan-Feb 2001. Through sites like this,, & MHS, Akron, and many more sources including many readers who served at that time and had the records to fill in the blanks, our family was contacted about getting a sample of DNA for testing purposes and finally positive identification. Please see the following website for pictures of the funeral. also you can contact me if you have any further questions or requests

put a http://www in front of it.....a fitting ceremony for a brave crew!!

p.s. Mike Smith of & Nevell Price of MHS, and a hand full of B26 aviators attended the group burial....

Gary Cohen 

From: "Russell Powell" <>
To: "Webmaster319th" 
Subject: Fw: Emailing: 1557506981.01.LZZZZZZZ
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 21:07:52 -0400

The ground crews of the 319th Bomb Group were on this shipwreck. It happened 61 years ago today. Over 350 sailors died.

From: "Dan" <>
To: "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies"
Subject: Lost: 437th Squadron
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 22:57:41 -0700

I am e-mailing on behalf of my grandfather, John H. Ansen, who was in the 437th squadron of the 319th bomb group. He served from July of 1941 to October of 1945, and was with the squadron during the North African, European, and Pacific campaigns. After he got out of the service he lost contact with his former buddies of the 437th and would like to know if any are still living. If possible, I would much appreciate it if someone could e-mail me information on the 437th squadron and a roster of the men who would have served during that time period in the 437th. 

Thank you for your help,

Daniel A. Potter

From: John Kuntz <>
Date: Thursday, August 07, 2003 7:13 PM
Subject: Looking for info

My Grandfather was a tailgunner in the 319th during WWll. His names is S/Sgt Charles Schuyler. He passed away in the early 80's and like so many never shared any of his experiences. If anyone can give me any info about New Guinea, Northern Solomans, Bismarck Archipelago I would be really grateful. My kids are in their early teens and we are researching the medals he received. Any info you could share would help me to teach my kids (and myself) about the blessings we share and the men who gave so much to make it possible.
Most respectfully,
John Kuntz

From: Serio <>
Date: Sunday, July 27, 2003 5:29 PM
Subject: Help needed from Italy!

Dear Sir,
I'm not a veteran, but a young italian aeronautical engineer (I work at Aermacchi) who did a small historical research on WWII air raids on his town, Erba near Como Lake, in northern Italy. My town on sept. 30th-oct. 1st, 1944 and then again in feb.-march 1945, was hit by the B-26 Marauders of the 17th Bomb Group (I was able to identify the 95th sqdn, also), they tried to destroy a fuel dump and then in 1945 some barracks. I am in charge, from the local municipality and to celebrate next year the 60th anniversary of the bombings, to gather some more material for a publication or maybe a video or a CD-ROM (photo, memories, documents...). It was a very sad period that one, for Erba lost 79 civilians (mostly children and women working at a vineyard), one more example of "collateral damage". Luckily those times are gone, but we want to save the memory and our history for next generations. So, could I ask for a little help, to contact some veterans who participated in those actions, to have their memories, if any, on those small episodes? I succeeded in getting from USA AFHRA and from National Archives some aerial bomb fall plots, and even an aerial image of B-26 where the caption mentions Erba, but I'm trying now to get the people stories and some more photos if any. All help and contribution will be fully credited, expenses at our charge.
Thanks for all in any case and Best Regards.

Full address:

Ing. Raffaele Serio
via Monti di Sera 13/A
I-22033 ASSO loc. Brazzova CO

From: Matt Morton <>
Date: Sunday, July 20, 2003 10:14 AM

To anyone from 438 Bomb Squadron:

I am trying to locate anyone who may have known my great uncle, Walter Raymond Sams. Raymond was in the 438 Bomb Squadron during WWII, and was killed at the age of 20 in ? North Africa, July 1, 1943. He was originally from Mississippi and had a best friend in the military nicknamed "Red". Unfortunately we are now trying to confirm that his records may have been destroyed in the fire of the 1970's that destroyed thousands of military records. 
I am trying to piece together his military service from 1941 until his death in 1943. I know he did training at Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. I know he was killed at the age of 20 as noted above. He was apparently a mechanic for the bombers. It is very difficult to find information some 60 years old, but I am determined to try and learn as much as possible about my Uncle Raymond. I have several letters from him as well as his death notice to my great great grandmother, pictures during basic training and his military dress photo. He was buried overseas then transported to a military cemetery in Illinois which I have visited. His gravesite actually gave me the squadron information to continue this search. My great grandmother is 88 and sketchy on her brother's military career, so I am reaching out to anyone that might have served with him. 
Any responses would really be appreciated. 

Matt Morton

From: Sean Brietsche <>
Date: Friday, July 18, 2003 12:32 PM


I a British Army Officer serving with the Army Air Corps I stumbled across where you had the name Paul Newton Brietsche on the page. He was my Grandfather. Would be very interested in finding any information that you have on his Italian exploits.

Did you know a South African has recently published a book on the his and
other SOE exploits

Would love to here from you.

Sean Brietsche

From: Rey Arca <>
Date: Monday, July 14, 2003 2:39 PM



From : y FT <
To : 
Subject : Tell me about the early B-26 missions. 
Date : Tue, 10 Jun 2003 11:43:33 -0400 (EDT) 

I would like to have a summary of the early B-26 missions in North Africa with the 319th and 17th Bomb Groups. What were the targets? How much were the bomb loads? Did the gunners shoot down many enemy aircraft?
Also, what was it like to fly the B-26 across the Atlantic in 1942? Did the B-26's take the North or South Route?
(Steve from Canada).

From : "Ernie Cromie" <
To : <> 
Subject : B-26 aircraft 
Date : Sun, 8 Jun 2003 21:47:31 +0100 

I am researching the circumstances which led to Marauders 41-17800 and 41-17837 being at Langford Lodge Air Depot, Northern Ireland, in February 1943 for what is described in the USAAF records for the Depot as "major repairs".
Can anyone help answer this query?

Ernie Cromie
Ulster Aviation Heritage Centre, Langford Lodge (

From : Gene Ryan <> 
To : "*Wolf, Blair" <> 
CC : "*Baker, Ted" <> 
Subject : REUNION 2003 
Date : Tue, 03 Jun 2003 13:16:17 -0700 
Attachment : Reunion Forms <---Click Here to Start.

The 17/319th Bomb Group reunion is being held on August 27 through the 30th at the San Jose Double Tree Hotel. I thought you might want to post the sign up forms for the reunion. I've attached five JPG files containing the pertinent information.



From : Al Shurgalla <>
To : Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies
Subject : LOST - T.Sgt Jack Washleski 
Date : Friday, May 16, 2003 3:00 AM

I am researching information on my Uncle T.Sgt Jack Washleski who was a tail gunner on a B-26. I believe he must have been with the 319th from the information I have. His missions included Cassino, Montecassino, Anzio and the Rome rail yards. I would appreciate it very much if a 319th vet could verify for me by looking at my website at: On one photo he says his C.O. is a Major Myers and his General is General Webster. You can click on the news clips to read them. His plane was called "The Joker" but I can't find any info on it anywhere. Appreciate any and all help. Thank You.
Al Shurgalla <>
Bethlehem, Pa USA 

From : InfoDelinea <
To : 319th submissions 
Subject : 319th BG - 440th BS - october 19, 1944 
Date : Tue, 06 May 2003 13:00:01 +0200 

Hello, my name is Michele Becchi, wrote from italy, i'm an historical researcher. 
On october 19, 1944 three B-26 of 440th BS was shot down over Mantua (north italy) by Bf109 of 2nd Fighter Group of ANR (fascist air force). Whole crew of "93" (pilot Lt. Robert) and "97" (pilot Lt. O'Bryant) bail out safely, but on ship "88" (pilot Lt. Treadwell) only two chute was seen before crash.
My friend Claudio Mischi (from Mantova) report me a statement from an eyewitness, about two crewman of "88" killed by fascist forces after his landing, with a gun shot in his head. Anyone can help us? We need any kind of information and the crew list of three ships.
Many thanks to all and excuse me for my bad english.

Michele Becchi - Via Villani 1 - 42100 Reggio Emilia - Italy
Email: OR

From : Gene Ryan <>
To : List Supressed
Subject : 319TH in CORSICA
Date : Wed, 30 Apr 2003 09:43:07 -0700


Can anyone help this lady??


Subject: Bomb Squadron in Corsica - WWII - information request
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 19:37:00 +0000
From: "michele costa" <>

Dear Mr. Ryan,

My name is Michele Costa and I am looking for information on behalf of my 
father Stefano, an Italian partisan during WWII.
I found your name on the web site 
and though to ask you if have ever heard anything about the following.
My father Stefano was an Italian partisan (Nino was his battle name) in the 
Piedmont-Piemonte region just south of Turin-Torino.
In late Sept/early Oct 1944 the anticraft artillery shot a bomber returning 
from a mission over Turin. The plane stationed in Corsica. My father and his 
group rescued 5 crewmembers in the area of the Cherasco and Bra villages, 
hid them for several days and arranged their escape to a small airfield in 
Vesima/Cortemiglia. From there the crewmembers flew back to Corsica with a 
smaller plane. Later on the Allies organized a launch of supplies 
recognizable by my father and his partisan group through the agreed password 
“Nino il vento e’ spento, Nino e’ cessata la pioggia” (Nino the wind calmed 
down, Nino the rain stopped).
My father became really friend with one of the crewmembers: he was the 
tailgunner, his name Pap (I know it doesn’t help either), and was from TX. 
Before leaving he asked my father to follow him in America. My father, at 
the time only 20 years old and with his entire family in Italy, while very 
tempted, did not go.
I would greatly appreciate any information or redirection to any information 

Thank you and best regards,
Michele Costa

From : Michael Patterson <
Reply-To : Webmaster@ArlingtonCemetery.Com 
To : 'Webmaster319th 
Subject : 319th Bomb Group - Crew 
Date : Thu, 24 Apr 2003 20:53:56 -0400 

Thought that this link to our site would be of interest to you. 
The crewmembers were laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery today.

Regards, Michael Patterson

Friends & 319th People,

I've been at it again. This new CD will fulfill the wishes of those wanting to know
all about the A-26 Invader aircraft that the 319th Bomb Group flew in the Pacific.

For information on the CD please look at:

Best wishes

Gene Ryan

We have a new one folks, check it out:


03/27/2003 07:16 AM
To: List suppressed 

Subject: Perspective

Powell Quote

When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of empire building by George Bush.

He answered by saying that, "Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return."

It became very quiet in the room.

From : Gene Ryan <
To : "*Wolf, Blair" <> 
Subject : [Fwd: B26 / Vern Pinard/ 379BG 439SQ] 
Date : Sun, 23 Mar 2003 11:11:01 -0800 

Dear Gene, I am looking for information on my father in law VERNON G PINARD, who was in the 319BG 439SQ. he is now passed, yet his oldest daughter CHRISTINE HESTON in Newport Beach would love to hear more about him, as he rarely talked of his time in the war. We have a few photos of him and his discharge papers as well. As i have never met Vern, i am trying to reconstruct for our family what it was like for him and his brave fellows. What was his planes name, crews name, etc. 

From his papers, he was a bomber/navigator, awarded the air medal in 9/43 after 40 missions over Italy. He later flew in manila, over New Guinea and Japan. 

can you help point me in the right direction to find out more about him? My # is 949.640.6841 and my name is David. 

Thanks in advance 
David Anderson 

From : Gene Ryan <> 
To : David Anderson <
CC : "*Wolf, Blair" <> 
Subject : Re: B26 / Vern Pinard/ 379BG 439SQ 
Date : Sun, 23 Mar 2003 11:08:38 -0800 

Hi David,

Sorry, I cannot find a Vernon Pinard in my records of the 319th in the Pacific. 
I am quite sure he did not serve with the 439th Sqd. since I was a pilot in that
squadron. Also, since you mentioned New Guinea I doubt that he was in the 319th since our Group never got that far south. Most likely he was with a B-24
outfit, or possible a B-25 outfit.

I am forwarding your note to the person that runs the 319th web page in hopes he will post your inquiry.


From : "BROCK" <
Subject : Fw: website 
Date : Tue, 4 Mar 2003 10:42:25 -0600 

Peggy: Your letters on the Fire were very interesting. Had I woke up to who you were in time, I would have run them on my Website I thought that your answer below was great. I am forwarding it to Blair, Maybe he can use it on the 319th. website
From: Peggy & John Bright 

Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 5:40 AM
Subject: Re: website

Hi Brock
I'm a baby boomer who is tremendously interested in the 319th site -- and also the person who has bombarded you with emails about the fires in Australia. Hope you don't mind those missives.

Too bad the fellow who wrote the message at the bottom didn't think about the baby boomers who are tracking their family's genealogy or who simply want to link-up with someone who might have known their dear, departed dad. A few years ago -- through a DC-3 website -- I managed to put an orphaned Australian man (Doug) in touch with someone English (Ray) who had know and flown with Doug's father in WWII. Doug's father died when Doug was a few month's old and Doug's mother had NEVER talked about it because the dad had committed suicide. Anyway, Ray and Doug talked long distance several times, with Ray sharing everything he remembered about Doug's dad. A few months after this, Ray died, but his information changed somebody's life and managed to bring Doug's family back together as a unit. The whole experience and my small part in it (namely searching white pages and electoral records) blew me away, and reminded me how much we cherish our ancestors and history.

We baby boomers will indeed help to keep the 319th site alive. If we've listened closely to our dads' stories, we might even be able to help some other Dougs. And you can send my view to the fellow whose address you've 'deleted'.

As for a contribution, I'd love to send one. In July, when I'll be in the States (and have access to US currency) I'll send you a check for $30. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from anyone who knew Jules Hoyle Austin, my dad who died in a car accident in 1967. He was a pilot with the 319th.

Cheers and thanks for all your efforts and those of everyone else committed to the website.

Peggy Austin Bright

P.S. I'll keep trying to get one of my kids to be a computer whizz so they can help, too.

Hi 319 Teeners: This is not an appeal for money, some is coming in. I just wondered if any body else felt like the guy in the letter that was sent to me Below. I just counted and there are about 40 baby boomers on the members page. from our grandkids all the way up. Here is a little about them: The webmaster Blair is the grandson of Charlie wolf. The assistant webmaster is Pam Fox, my niece. Both are computer whizzes with degrees. Louise Hampton Daughter of Charles Smith. Has been to every website in the world gathering up info for us. Our new Host for the site Is Ben Wolff, Grandson of Dennis Wolff. He is going to keep doing it FREE. Our old host was Roger Wolff, Son of Dennis. he did it FREE for a few years. I think that this site has been just as important to them as it has been for us. Most of them did not even know what we did in the war. until they got curious after we got old. Lots of them want to know all about the 319th. Some of them have emailed to young ones in Italy, Sardinia and other places. I truly believe that the "Baby Boomers" will carry on with the site and be proud of it. Whattya think? Brock 
Doubt that I've gone to the 319th Web Page for any purpose, even to see if some other 319th buddy is on line, since well before the 319th's Final Reunion in Savannah. Appreciate your starting the web page and making it available when there were enough of us around for it to be of some value to many. Doubt that there will be enough second generation interest to make it worth the effort by anyone. I now have zero interest in any such web page and have no plans to encourage or contribute to perpetuation of the page after the bulk of those who might be seriously interested in it have already passed on. Sorry, -----I deleted the name from the message and my address book. Brock

From : "Ugo Crisponi" <
To : 319th - Webmaster 
Subject : Letter from Ssardinia 
Date : Tue, 04 Mar 2003 11:18:33 +0000 

Dear Sir,
We are from Cagliari, Sardinia.
On February, March and May 1943, our town had been bombed by USAAF Bombers. This year will be held a special event to mark out the 60th Anniversary from that time.
We are organizing a TV program with documentary and personal recollections of memories.
We wonder and would be pleased if You could accept our invitation to come here in Sardinia in May 2003 in order to be special guest for our TV program, telling about Your experience during WW2 over Sardinia. 
We also would know if You are in touch with other members of 310st who had been over Sardinia at that time.

We kindly appreciate Your help, Wishing to hear of You soon,
Sincerely yours,
Alessandro Ragatzu 
Ugo Crisponi 

From : 
To : Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies
Subject : Wincent w. wallace 
Date : Mon, 03 Mar 2003 16:03:19 -0500 

Does anyone know what happened to my Pilot that I trained with and went overseas to 319th bomb Group? I flew one mission with him and he was my co-pilot on that mission/ The last I heard from him was he moved from San Diego to probably somewhere in Pennsylvania, where he originally lived. Would appreciate any information as to if he is still alive or what. 
Bill Cooper

Attached is a picture that I think is 319th? 
Ronald Macklin 34th Bomb Squadron 17th Bomb Group.
Enjoy your website. 
submitted 12/22/02
Click here to view

To: "'Webmaster 319th-Comments'" 
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 4:25 PM
Subject: 439th BS

Good evening: I'm trying to assist the historian for the 173rd Fighter Wing,
Oregon Air National Guard, Kingsley Field in locating information on the
wing's fighter squadron, the 114th FS. 
The Air Force redesignated the 439th BS as the 114th BS(L) and alloted it
to the Air National Guard on 24 May 1946; it served with the New York ANG
before reactivating in 1984 with the Oregon ANG at Kingsley. The number
question is: which emblem in the four quarters of the 319th BG emblem on
your web page is the old 439th BS(M) emblem? 
Thanks in advance for your assistance, 

SSgt Mark Morgan
Historian, Western Air Defense Sector
852 Lincoln Blvd
McChord AFB, WA 98438
DSN 382-4696
Comm (253)982-4696

I don't know myself but one of the members might. BW 11/20/02

From: <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 22:44:24 EDT
Subject: Thank the Military!

Sent to me by Barney Wixom
Forwarded by

Subject: Thank the Military! 

Please pass on! 

Say hello and thank you to the service folks takes 29 seconds 
If you are so inclined, visit the Department of Defense web page below
and sign a brief message thanking the men and women of the U.S. military 
services for defending our freedom. The compiled list of names will be sent 
out to our soldiers at the end of the month. So far, there are only about 
737,000 names. What a shame. National Military Appreciation Month (please 
pass it on to your email friends)! it takes 10 seconds...literally 
Lets see if we can make it a cool million! 
Celebrate America! 

From: Jan Lee 
To: Webmaster 
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 7:28 PM
Subject: Charles Glen Burford

My dad, Glen Burford served as a member of the 319th Bomb Group. He has no knowledge of the computer world, so, has asked me to search for any info concerning his group. He would love to receive any news. Thanks in advance.
Jan Burford Lee

Header file lost
Monday, September 09, 2002 8:53 PM

I appreciate the response I received from my request for information regarding Wally Stewart of the 440th Squadron.
I have had some great conversations with old members and some widows of previous members. I am still hunting down contacts but would appreciate someone providing me with the roster of the members of the old reunion group which I understand ceased to meet 2 years ago.

I've already contacted John Reeder, Evelyn (Ralph) Weaver, Gilbert Williams, and Doyt Coverstone. Any other names would be very helpful as when I was doing this for my fighter group I found that a number of views or memories of the same event made the finished product more accurate and incidentally, readable.

Thinking ahead, is there any objection to my using your web page graphics (with proper acknowledgement) on the cover of the pamphlet I hope to write?

Charles R. Queen
2101 Exposition Blvd,
Austin, TX 78703
512 473 2392

From : 
To : Webmaster<> 
Date : Tue, 27 Aug 2002 22:39:06 EDT 

Hi Blair, 

I received my copy of the SORTIE today and enjoyed reading it cover to cover! It's a joy sharing the great photo's that so many of the 319th men remember. (As mentioned by Ed Steinman about the six plane take off and runway photos.) A picture really does speak a thousand words (and many good memories)! Credit for the photo's really belongs to Joe Madrano and I would like to thank him for sharing these and many more with me. I am always thrilled, like a kid at Christmas getting the best gift in the world, when I get 319th information, pictures and documents from the great 319th men who have shared them with me. Please pass on the credit to the original owner, Joe Madrano. 

Thanks, Louise Hampton 

From : Joe Stratton <> 
To : Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies <> 
Subject : lost buddies 
Date : Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:14:18 -0400

 I would like any information that anybody has on 320th bomb group 441st squad. My father is going to pass away soon and has not been able to find any of his buddies in a long time. If anybody has any information on this please email me back. 
 Thank you in advance,
 A loving Daughter 

From : "stefano cioglia" <> 
To : 
Subject : Thanks from Sardinia, Italy 
Date : Mon, 05 Aug 2002 16:52:35 +0000 

I wish to thank all veterans that were in Sardinia during WWII with their aircrafts.
These friends sent me many e mails with memories and photos about Cagliari and Sardinian people.
All info and photos are of great interest for me.
Best regards,
Stefano Cioglia

Prof. Stefano Cioglia 
Via Tigellio, 24 
09123 Cagliari 

From : "Webmaster" <> 
To : <> 
Subject : Your website's Korean War coverage 
Date : Sat, 27 Jul 2002 12:34:51 -0700 

I am submitting the following resource suggestion for your Korean War website links page

Paperless Archives' Korean War Titles

Paperless Archives' Korean War titles covering the conflict through a broad range of original historical source documents, presidential papers, official history texts, and photos.

Thank You for your time
----Brion Clayton 

From : "Leon Guillotte" <
To : "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies"  
Subject : Lt. Col. Dwight Guillotte 
Date : Wed, 24 Jul 2002 10:40:11 -0700

I would appreciate any information regarding my father, Lt. Col Dwight Guillotte. He died at Cherry Point, NC in 1945 when I was three after years in the Pacific.
Thank you,
Dwight Leon Guillotte 


 All Members of the,
 Over recent months I (your webmaster) have been receiving strange emails either stating they are coming from myself or another member with titles that don't really make sense. I've repeatedly tried to track these back to the original sender but just end up with another address from our group and a very confused individual whose computer wasn't even on at the time of the date stamp. Enlisting professionals to track this email has proved fruitless.
 Now I don't have to tell you that this is a "virus" propagating itself after having probably spidered (a web robot program that catalogues web pages for entry into databases) the 319th website for email addresses, of which we have many. I am currently looking into a Java script that will prevent Spidering of the members pages and will implement it as soon as I know it's full potential and drawbacks. Till then and probably for some time afterward please do not open email from myself or anyone on the list unless you trust them and the subject line makes sense (i.e.: if it's from me it will specifically states this websites call sign). I don't email you guys unless I have special announcements I feel I should make, since this is a special situation I'm going to post this as well as email it.
 Thank you ,

P.S.: 22 of you so far have not received this email because your email boxes are full or you have changed your email address without notifying me. I hope you check this page often.

From : Gene Ryan <
CC : List suppressed
Subject : NEW 319TH STORY ON CD 
Date : Fri, 12 Jul 2002 11:27:38 -0700 

A great new 319th Bomb Group story on a CD is now available for only $10.
The title is "The A-26 Invader Fights in the Pacific: The Diary of Russell
F. Stechschulte". Russell (Steck) was a pilot in the 438th Sqd. He gives
detailed accounts of the real conditions and activities as they occurred;
the good things, the not so good things, and the screw ups.

For more information on Steck's diary log on to the new Web site at:

Purchase the CD disk NOW!!!! Send your $10 check or money order (includes
mailing within the U.S.), and your mailing address to:

Gene P. Ryan
PO Box 2044 Oretech Br.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

From : Gene Ryan <
To : "*Wolf, Blair" <
Date : Sat, 06 Jul 2002 11:06:35 -0700 
Hi Blair,

My son Mark has just established a Web page that describes the contents of the
CD, "The 319th Bomb Group in the Pacific: A Pictorial Story". It is located

Would you please put a link to this page.

Also, we are just doing the final proof on the new CD "The A-26 Invader Fights
in the Pacific: The Diary of Russell F. Stechschulte". The CD
will be available within a week or so. Will send more information soon.


Gene Ryan 439th Sq., 319th Bomb Group

To : 
CC : 
Subject : RE John Carlisle 
Date : Thu, 20 Jun 2002 20:19:39 +0000 

Dear Sirs, 

I am from Perth, Western Australia. I am writing to you in regards to Mr. John Carlisle or a Mr. Noel Brady. I wish to know if either of these gentlemen traveled to Perth Western Australia in 1951 possibly on RR from Korea. The reason I ask this is that they were both friends of my Grandmother now deceased her name was Joan Mace she lived in Claremont. My mother would love to hear from or get in contact with either one of these men to find out more about her mother. Maybe they would have photographs of her. 

Thank you for your time, 

Best wishes and regard 

Seth Armstrong 

From : "KIRKLAND,ROD (HP-USA,ex1)" <
To : "'Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies
Subject : Lost: Robert J. Kirkland tailgunner 
Date : Sun, 16 Jun 2002 17:24:05 -0700 
Hello 319th,

I would appreciate any information from anyone in 319th BG who may have known my dad, Robert J. Kirkland, Sgt. who was a B-26 tailgunner, in the North Africa theater from late 1942-1943. He was transferred to Valley Forge Hospital, PA in 1944. He died in 1974. He didn't speak often of his missions or his experience although we do have artifacts from North Africa that he brought back (Algerian and Italian money) and he did speak a little about it, for instance being transported on the Queen Mary, the many crashes on landing, especially during the rainy season (nose wheel collapses), and how hairy low level strafing missions were, especially against rail yards. 

Thanks for your help,

Rodney F. Kirkland

From : keyplex <> 
To : Webmaster<> 
Subject : My Uncle and Godfather 
Date : Wed, 12 Jun 2002 16:09:06 +0800 

I want to learn more about my Uncle Jack Washleski who was a tail gunner on a B26. 
I have several news clips that lead me to believe he was with the 319th based on 
citations and campaigns cited. I have posted several interesting clips and photos 
at : and would appreciate any 
insight anyone can provide. Thanks in advance. 


From : "Pat Simpson" <
To : "Webmaster 319th-Comments"  
Subject : Billy Simpson 
Date : Sun, 9 Jun 2002 12:43:48 -0500 

 My name is Steve Simpson, my uncle Billy Simpson was a member of the 319th Group 438 Sqd.
 I have just today located this website and am very excited to be able to print and forward photos and info to Billy. Please, if any active members remember Billy and can forward any photos or info I will make sure that it gets to him.
 At this time Billy lives in Houston Texas and is doing very well. I am not sure if internet contact is available to him, but any info returned to this e-mail address will be forwarded through either myself or my mom.

Thank you - Steve Simpson 

From: "Franco Gaiga" <>
To: "Webmaster-319th Comments"
Subject : The McAllister Case
Date : Sat, 30 Mar 2002 12:23:24 -0800

Dear Blair,

I am writing to you on behalf of Danillo Gaiga.  His father Marco Gaiga helped McMorris during the event that took place in Italy during the war that cost McAllister his life.
Danillo was only nine years old and he is interested in contact McMorris.  Do you have an contacts that may know how we can contact him?
Thank you,

I am afraid I don't know McMorris or how to reach him. BW

From: Gene Ryan <>
To: List suppressed
Subject: A NEW 319TH DIARY
Date:  Sun, 05 May 2002 13:54:26 -0700
Hi Folks,

About a month ago Russell Stechschulte sent me a hand written copy of his
diary.  Stech was a pilot in the 438th squadron and went to the Pacific
with the 319th.  The diary describes several of the low level missions in great
detail.  It is fascinating reading.  With the help of Louis Hampton (daughter of
Charles E. Smith 440th) and her daughter Suzyn Siebert, and Tom Bie (437th), we
have finished a draft copy of the diary.  Now we need
some photos to go with Stech diary.  So please dig around and see what you
can find.  So help me, this is the last 319th project I am going to undertake,
so if you want your photos recorded in a history let me know as
soon a possible.

Best regards to you all.

Gene Ryan 439th

From: Sue Cook <>
To: "Webmaster-319th Comments" <>
Subject: Hi again!
Date:  Tue, 30 Apr 2002 12:40:44 -0400

Hello again! I loved looking at the new pictures on the 319th site!
  My brother, Jess Edward Montgomery was an officer of the 438th.  I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but he is not listed on the 391-USAF vets page along with those who were officers.  Ed was killed in 1960 in a USAF plane crash in Italy on his last tour before what would have been his retirement.  He was a Major at the time.  It would be great if you could add him.  
 Here's a couple of pictures of him in uniform.  The younger looking one was taken in 1943.   (He was my oldest brother.  I was 18 when he was killed.) Major Jess Edward Montgomery 1921-1960 

From: "Eusebi Edi" <>
To: "Webmaster-319th Comments" <>
Subject: Bombardment on the bridges of the Cesano and Metauro river, Italy
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 23:11:48 +0200

I'm a Italian worker, and I live in Mondolfo, a little town near Fano and Senigallia in central Italy. In the my free time I'm interesting on the WW2 history in the my area. Near Mondolfo, the bridges of two rivers have stayed destroyed from the allied bombardiers, the rivers are the Cesano and the Metauro. I would like to know if the 319th Bomb Group bombing this bridges, Thank You.
Edi Eusebi, Italy.

From: "LTC Bonnell" <
To: "'Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies'" <
Subject: Lost--Ted Fuller of North Carolina 
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 06:29:16 +1000 

 My uncle, Ted Fuller, served with the 440th BS during WWII.  My family knows little about his career.  He remembered traveling to Guam and was in the air when the first A-bomb was dropped.  Does anyone remember Ted Fuller? 
 Thanks, LTC B

 Charles W. Bonnell 
 US Army ROTC 
 University of Guam 
 Triton Warrior Battalion

Subject: From David Robinson 
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 22:25:12 EDT
I must commend you.

I was probably one of the first of the second generation to become involved
with the 319th.  I was looked at as a horrible outsider when I went to their
reunion in Branson, Missouri in 1989 or so to try to learn of my Uncle, Lt.
Colonel Charles G. Robinson, the groups Deputy Commander in 1943 and 1944 and
Acting Group Commander in January, 1944.  I carried all of my extensive
archives out there and tried and tried to get them ato accept me, but they
gave me the feeling that they would live forever and that they had no
interest in me.  I think that at that reunion of 200, I was the only second
generation there.

You did what I had hoped someone would do and that was figure out a way to
get through these guy's heads that they needed to become
inner-generational--and you did it--you really did.

So, congratulations to you for teaching these folks that they needed to
become involved with passing their history on.

You have done a marvelous job with the website.

David B. Robinson, CPA for Lt. Colonel Charles G. Robinson, DGC 319th Bomb
Thank You! 

To: "Webmaster-319thMembers" <>
Subject: The McAllister Case
Date:  Sat, 30 Mar 2002 12:45:36
Dear Blair,

I am writing to you on behalf of Danillo Gaiga.  His father Marco Gaiga helped
McMorris during the event that took place in Italy during the war that cost
McAllister his life.

Danillo was only nine years old and he is interested in contact McMorris.  Do
you have an contacts that may know how we can contact him?

Thank you,
Stacey  or

To: Webmaster
Subject: e-mail address change
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 12:29:25 -0600

I have had no responses to my request for information re Walden Reed Stewart. I have a new e-mail address which I would like to post;

Seeking Information regarding Walter Reed Stewart as previously posted.
My new e-mail address is:

Thank you,
Charles R. Queen
2101 Exposition Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703
512 473 2392

Try the forums page and see if you have better luck. BW

From: Virginia Kids <>
To: "Webmaster-319thMembers" <>
Subject: Father's info
Date:  Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:04:06 -0500

Dear Sir,
 I can imagine you must receive a ton of inquiries like this, but I like
many others had a father who served in World War II and never knew or
understood what he experienced.
 My father, William L. Whitaker, served in the 12th Air Force: 319th
Bomber Group until his discharge January 31, 1944. It wasn't until his death
seven years ago in 1995 at his funeral did I find out he had won two bronze
stars during his time of service. He was a S/Sgt and a tail gunner on the
planes he flew. I know that he was shot down twice and that one of his
planes was called "Bugs Bunny". I remember he had pictures taken during the
time he served while in North Africa, but unfortunately they have been lost.
 I recently discovered his discharge papers where I was able to find
which unit he served in. What I would like to find now is where I can go to
find who else he might have served with him during World War II. If that
isn't available where to go to find out what he did to be so honored. Sadly
I was estranged from my father in the later part of his life. Heavy drinking
had taken a toll on him and helped alienate him from his family. Even
through all of the problems we had I still had a tremendous amount of love
and respect for him, more so now that I am at an age to appreciate the
sacrifice he and many many others made for this country.
 Any information that you might have that will lead me on my own road of
discovery of a man that I knew only one side of would be most appreciated.

Steven Carroll Whitaker

I hope someone can help you here, Good luck. BW

To: "Webmaster-319thMembers" <>
Subject: My Father
Date:  Mon, 18 Mar 2002 15:39:03 -0500


I was looking for information on the 319th Bomb Group and was lucky enough
to find your site. My father was with the 319th in Corsica, then later in
Japan (still with the 319th I believe). I don't know what squadron(s) he
was with.

His name was Donald Allison Shank, 2nd Lt. He was a B-25 pilot. I don't
know how detailed your records are, but I wanted to pass along that he
passed away on September 21, 1995. One of his final requests was to have a
notation on his grave stone that he had been with the 319th. He was always
proud to have served his country and proud of those he served with.

My deepest respects to those living and gone who served with him in that


John A. Shank
Network/Telecom Administrator
Alpine Electronics Mfg. of America, Inc.
421 N. Emerson Ave.
Greenwood, IN 46143
Ph - 317.851.1014
Fax - 317.851.2014

From: "Ed Skopal" <>
To: "Webmaster 319th-Reunion Posting"
Subject:  Armed Forces Reunions, Inc.
Date:  Mon, 18 Mar 2002 09:46:25 -0500

Dear Reunion Committee:

As Account Executive Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. I would like to know if
your organization is willing to consider a lending hand from the premier
full-service military reunion planner in the country. Armed Forces
Reunions, Inc. has been in business since 1988. We know the national hotel
market well and, due to the volume of business we handle, are able to obtain
the best possible value for our clients. Obviously, we would love the
opportunity to assist with a future reunion, wherever it might be held.

Where we really come in handy is when a group runs out of willing volunteers
to handle the reunion. Or perhaps the task has fallen on the shoulders of a
select few, who would really like a chance to enjoy the reunions with the
rest of the crew. With AFR, your group may also consider a host of
attractive cities, not just those where a member may reside.

Attached is a synopsis of our services. If you might be interested I would
like to mail you some more detailed information along with a sample
registration packet like those we distribute at the reunions. To help you
decide on an attractive location we have sample tour programs for over
seventy cities. Being aware of national trends, we can also steer you to
where the best hotel deals are.

If you have any questions please feel free to call anytime on the toll-free
number at 1-800-562-7226, or reply to this email address. If there is a
particular city of interest for the future I'd be happy to round up a
specific proposal. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to
the possibility of serving you and the members of your organization.

Best regards,

Ed Skopal
Account Executive
Armed Forces Reunions, Inc.
PH 757-625-6401
FAX 757-627-3807

Here it is Folks! 
Mark Popes submission for the Photo Gallery. 
This now officially opens the site for all submissions of photos from members (as I now have a faster way of getting them online). Send them if you've got them. Please contact me first for an alternate email address (for those larger files - over 1mb) to submit to. All images will be posted "as is" when submitted. Wish I had time to image correct for you but unfortunately I cannot spare it.
Thanks again to Mark and to everyone who will be sending me stuff in the future.

From: "markpope" <>
To: "Webmaster-319thMembers" <>
Subject: Baby boomer listing
Date: Thu, 14 March 2002 

That is all I have for now. If I run across more, I will forward to you all. thanks again. I just wanted to share these photos with the people that really would enjoy looking at a time they were together as well as people that would want to see real history in the faces and places these fine people did for all of us.

good luck and please let me know if they are ever put up on the web. 

My dad was Major Bismark Pope, Jr. and was the pilot of Modern Design. Attached to the 319th BG.

From: "markpope" <>
To: "Webmaster-319thMembers" <>
Subject: Baby boomer listing
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 01:37:31 -0600


My Name is Bismark Pope, III  son of Maj. Bismark Pope, Jr.  He flew with
the 319th in 43'-44' as a Lt. and pilot of Modern Design in North Africa,
Sardina and Corsica.   I have many pictures that I have scanned and would
like to share them with the group and families of the 319th.  Please let me
know if you would like a copy to put on your web site.
my email addr is

Sorry Bismark this one fell between the cracks..BW

From: "Carl Sturmer" <>
To: "Webmaster" <>
Subject: Big Ass Bird pilot...
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 00:39:03 -0500
hello to the webmaster. 
my name is carl sturmer. my brother richard and i are trying to get in contact with anyone who might have known our father. his name was berney paul sturmer, mainly known as paul we think. he flew 65 missions out of sardinia in the 319th between january 2, 1944 and october19, 1944. his plane was the BIG ASS BIRD. he unfortunately died in 1969 but is still a very strong presence in our family . we would be most anxious to talk to anyone with memories of him. we have a treasure trove of photos from his time on sardinia. all the best and thanks for a great site.

Hopefully someone will email you what they remember of your father. BW

319th People & Friends, 

Research copies of CD title "The Bomb Group in the Pacific: A Pictorial Story" have been donated and mailed to the following: 

1.  University of Akron 
2.  Aviation Historical Museum of  Louisiana, Inc 
3.  Eisenhower Center 
4.  Grand Forks AFB 
5.  March Field Air Museum 
6.  Pima Air & Space Museum 
7.  War Eagle Museum 
8.  Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc. 

I think that just about takes care of the museums, and I have no plans to send out anymore at this time. 
Gene Ryan

From: "giuseppe sorrentino" <>
To: <>, <>, <>
Subject: B26 -down on Aug. 26, 1943
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 09:14:30 +0100


I'm actually involved in an historical research regarding the USAAF missions
and bombing activities on targets in Gioia Tauro and Rosarno areas (located
on Tyrrhenian side of extreme toe of Italy) during January-September 1943.
In a file, the German fighter claims 1941 - 43 (MTO) it is reported that a
B26 was shot down on mediterranean sea, about 10 miles NW Palmi on August
26, 1943 by german fighters.
Is it a 319th plane?
Is it possible to have more detailed information about this action, the
plane and its crew?

I'll highly appreciate your help and, in the meantime, I would thank you for
your kindly attention.

Best regards,

Giuseppe Sorrentino


MISSION: To reunite those who served.

Dear Fellow Veteran,
Your web site is now up!
From the Flying Fortress to the Flying Tigers....your Squad is here.
Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.

To: Webmaster
Subject: Seeking
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 09:30:31 EST

Does anyone know Lt. Walden Reed Stewart of the 440 Squadron, 319th group. KIA 19 December 1943 near Florence Italy. He was the pilot and went down with the plane. The rest of the crew escaped (?).
Charles Queen, Col USAFR
2101 Exposition Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703
512 473 2392

To: Webmaster 319th-Comments
Subject: Walden Reed Stewart,
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 09:29:40 EST

I was a jug pilot with the 36th GP of the 9th AF.
A colleague from Med. School had a brother (see above), who was killed in the area of Florence Italy on 19 December 1943 while flying with the 440th SQ. Could you put me in contact with someone who may have known him?
Stewart was about finished his tour, having flown out of Africa and was the only member of the crew who went down with the plane. He was a native of El Paso, Texas.
Charles Queen
2101 Exposition Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703
512 473 2392

Lets hope someone here can help you out. Good Luck. B+

From : Charles Taliaferro <>

To : Webmaster

Subject : VETERANS

Date : Sat, 26 Jan 2002 09:56:44 -0800

We are trying to get the word out about a not-for-profit project of veterans helping hospitalized veterans through out the United States. We would appreciate it if you'd visit our website at and if you deem us worthy, we would gratefully appreciate a link on your website. Thank you very much for your consideration.
Charles Taliaferro 

From :

To : Webmaster

Subject : O'Rileys Daughter

Date : Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:22:05 EST

My dad flew on both O'Rileys Daughter and the San Antonio Rose in the 319th. Like most he talked very little about his service. Would any one have any information on both or either.  
Ollie ermery

From : "Vicky Robinson" <>

To : "Webmaster319th-Lost Buddies"

Subject : LOST

Date : Sun, 20 Jan 2002 22:21:35 -0000

I am trying to trace Hubert James Garrett who was a Corporal in the 440th AAFBU in Santa Maria CA in September 1945 . Does anyone know if he was with the 440th from its formation or joined it later? Or anything else? I believe he died in 1984.

regards Vicky

From :

To : Webmaster 319th-Post-a-Link

Subject : Site Addition

Date : Tue, 8 Jan 2002 22:37:41 EST

Dear Sir: I would appreciate it if you would look at HISTORICA World War II Aviation History Research at as a possible addition to your links page. HISTORICA is a business. Sincerely, Michael T. Fletcher

You are now listed on our links page. B+

From:  "Wyoming Homesteader" <>
To:  <;>
Subject:  G. I. Memories Page - A New Addition
Date:  Wed, 11 Jul 2001 17:52:16 -0600
Dear Fellow Veterans:
You are receiving this message because we have either traded reciprocal links (for which I am grateful) or I have posted a link on my page to your fine historical or veteran's site.
I wanted to write and let you know that I have placed a new feature on my 'G. I. Memories' page -  that should be of interest to many G.I.'s.  It is called 'G. I. Memories Classifieds Online'.  It is free, of course, and strictly going to be limited to items of interest to military, veterans, and retirees, such as military memorabilia and military items for sale or trade, looking for items, collectors' notices,  upcoming reunions, and so forth.  For the most part I want to keep the historical aspect of the page intact and thought that a place to post information about artifacts and other useful information would be of great benefit to all.  I am NOT going to permit 'business offers' or anything that does not pertain to veterans and the history of US armed forces.
Please try it out.  All classifieds will be kept for 30 to 90 days (I haven't decided yet how long); for now it is 90 days.  I will be monitoring it daily to edit out the garbage so in time you should be able to get good exposure.
Thanks for your time.
Harry Meekins
USAF Retired
G. I. Memories Webmaster

From:  Gene Ryan <>
To:  "*Wolf, Blair" <>
Date:  Wed, 04 Jul 2001 10:56:36 -0700

When we did Tom Lorbeer's diary (Bombs, B-Rew, Boredom) a lot of 319th people told us that they had pictures, and stories to tell.  And this is what we have done.  We have been busy with for the last seven months.
I think you would enjoy it.


Gene Ryan
To friends, 319th people, and others with WWII interest:  A NEW NEW STORY!!!!


This CD-ROM tells the whole story in pictures and personal accounts,
diaries, letters, log books and official orders.  Includes over 300
ever before published photographs.  Over 700 people are mentioned by
name.  The story starts with the trip from Columbia, SC across
country to the West Coast, then overseas (both by air and by sea) via
Hawaii to Okinawa where combat against the Japanese begins.  Life on
Okinawa is described, including food, shelter, leisure activities, and
even the great typhoon of 1945.  There are combat mission reports,
target photos, maps, and first-hand accounts of atom bomb damage,  the
surrender of the Japanese on Ie Shima, and the Group's redeployment to
the Philippines and final deactivation.   The story ends with tales of
the long road home, and those that spent time in Japan or Korea before
going home.

CD-ROM price is $12, including mailing.  It works on Windows 95/98/NT &
2000, and can be viewed with any Web browser.  It is a great gift for
the children and grandchildren. If you don't have a computer, not to
worry:  the kids will know how to run it.
Please send your check or money order to:
Gene P. Ryan, PO Box 2044, Oretech Br.,
Klamath Falls, OR, 97601.
(530) 398-4152

New Website for everyone to check out:

From:  "C . O. SMITH" <>
Date:  Sat, 23 Jun 2001 01:59:59


    I was unable to get into my account while at work so am sending you this obit from home.  My scanner does not handle columns too well so I am sending it as a jpg picture.  I shall send as two messages so that neither message takes too much space.  If you can't read this let me know and I will try again.

  The 17th BGRA web page is at

and has all of the reunion information.  It is not as good as your page but readable.


For Alan Housers Obituary click here

From:  "Pinette-Smith" <
To:  "Webmaster 319th-Post-a-Link" <> 
Date:  Sun, 17 Jun 2001 09:23:37 -0400

I listed your site on B26.COM, can you return the favor? Thanks, Mike
You are now listed on our links page. B+

From:  "BROCK" <
To:  <> 
Subject:  Fw: Story
Date:  Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:15:09 -0700
Blair: Got this from Joe Connaughton. It is a good story. Got another from Ted Rammelkamp who suggested it be put on the web site. Brock
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2001 6:58 PM
Subject: Story

Hi Guys,
    Check out the story about Ted Rammelkamp (original BAB pilot) and the famous B-26 Marauder "Big Ass Bird" as they encountered the Bob Hope Troupe at the 319th Telergma Field in North Africa - on the URL below:
Joe Connaughton

To:  Webmaster<> 
Subject:  A 319th Man
Date:  Fri, 8 Jun 2001 22:13:24 EDT
Hi Blair,

I have been in contact with Neal DeShon of the 440th for about a year now.  
Neal was on Sardinia, Corsica and the Pacific and wrote as Chaplain for the
FLYER in the early years.
He could use a little of that GREAT 319th help now ... his wife passed away
and he has problems with his legs that keep him housebound. (We don't think
about all the running around we do until we are unable to do it.) The days
are long and lonely and he has dificulity writing. He does not have a
computer but he would be thrilled to get a note or a call from any 319th man.
It sure would make his day!

Neal DeShon
1214 Carol Dr.
St. Joseph, MO  64506


I asked him if he would like to hear from any of the men and he thought it
would be nice, he just wasn't sure who remembered him anymore. Said it had
been a long time!
THANKS to anyone who would take the time to brighten his day!

Louise Hampton

From:  Brooke Rowe <>
Subject:  [army-air-corps] WWII Airmen Recovered in Tunisia
Date:  Wed, 06 Jun 2001 16:05:24 -0700
WWII Airmen Recovered in Tunisia

(EXCERPT) Remains believed to be those of the six-man crew of a World
War II bomber have been located in Tunisia and will be repatriated
today in ceremonies in Tunis. The aircraft wreckage was discovered in
November 2000 during a dredging operation of Lake Tunis, near the
capital city of Tunis. The aircraft was under approximately six feet
of silt and mud. The government of Tunisia halted the dredging
operation and contacted U.S. authorities. The U.S. Army's Central
Identification Laboratory, Hawaii (CILHI), mounted underwater
excavations in November and January, recovering remains, personal
effects and aircraft debris. U.S. Navy specialists in underwater
salvage operations and unexploded ordnance assisted the CILHI team.
The teams received the full support of the Tunisian government during
all phases of the recovery work. The bomber, a Martin Marauder B-26,
crashed in the water after having been struck by enemy anti-aircraft
fire during a raid on El Aouina air base in December 1942. Based on
serial numbers from the aircraft, the Army has made a tentative
association with a specific aircraft, and has located most of the
surviving family members of the crew. Today's repatriation ceremony
will include officials of the Tunisian government, U.S. Ambassador
Rust Deming and other U.S. officials, including three members of the
staff of the CILHI. The remains are to be flown to the CILHI
laboratory in Hawaii, where the forensic identification process will
begin. During the past 28 years, CILHI teams have recovered remains
believed to be those of 389 World War II servicemen from areas
throughout the world. More than 250 of these have been identified and
returned to their families for burial with full military honors.

   Brooke Rowe
   Associate Librarian
   The American War Library

-- Army Air Force Resource Guide
-- World's Largest Online Personnel Registry

Story also submitted by:
"James H Evans Sr." <>

From:  "Dan Bartholomew" <
To:  "Webmaster 319th-Comments" <> 
Subject:  319th pix
Date:  Tue, 5 Jun 2001 19:56:03 -0400
Can I get this picture posted on the website? It is of Bruce Bartholomew, Bob Casteel andMr. McDonnel- have no first name- on the Isle of Capri. Would be interested if anyone knows when.
Dan Bartholomew

From:  Erick Eastes <
Subject:  RICHARD E. MILLER 319th BG
Date:  Tue, 22 May 2001 13:38:40 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Mr. Wolf:

I am researching the military service of Cpt Richard
E. Miller, a Doolittle Raider who was killed while
serving with the 319th BG.

Their website lists you as the the webmaster and I was
wondering if you could post a note for any one who
served with Dick Miller to drop me a line.  I can be
reached at

I appreciate your assistance with this research.  Keep
up the good work of keeping the memory of these
veterans alive.


Erick E. Eastes

Erick E. Eastes

From:  Poznik Joseph LtCol 911 AW/SE <
To:  "'Webmaster'" <> 
Subject:  319th Bomb Group
Date:  Fri, 11 May 2001 08:52:32 -0400
 'Sorry for the length of this text...    I have "shot gunned" this message on to the message board as well...
I would like to try to find out some information about a member of the 319th that was lost during the war.  SSgt Mike Poznik was my uncle.  I was not born until 1951, so unfortunately, I never knew him.  I have always been interested in finding out more about his time in the service, (i.e., crew position, missions flown, last mission...) as I too am in the Air Force.
Recently, however, my desire to do so has been fueled by some information we came across in my family's records.  I found out that Uncle Mike's unit was the 319th.  My first assignment out of Nav Bombardier training was a B-52 at Grand Forks, N.D., the 319 Bomb Wing! I can't explain the shivers I felt when I first found out. 
I know Uncle Mike was a gunner, but that's about it.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
 Joe Poznik
Lt Col Joe Poznik
Chief of Safety
2475 Defense Avenue
Pittsburgh IAP ARS
Coraopolis, PA  15108-4403
DSN 277-8513 COM (412) 474-8513

From:  "RONALD'S MAIL" <
To:  "Webmaster 319th-Comments" <> 
Date:  Thu, 10 May 2001 09:51:12 -0700

From:  "Joseph Connaughton" <> 
To:  <>
Subject:  Story
Date:  Tue, 8 May 2001 13:13:11 -0700
Hi Blair,
    Glad to see you are out in California. It's a great place - skiing, seashore, hiking, biking and camping, all within driving distance.
I have an interesting story on the internet magazine, "Planes and Pilots of World War Two" about the famous B-26 Marauder "Big Ass Bird" and her original pilot, Ted Rammelkamp. The story is set in North Africa and is about Bob Hope's visit to the 319th BG on his first USO overseas trip. How about putting this message with the URL on our page. I think they will get a kick out of it. All they have to do is click on it.
Good luck,

To:  "Webmaster" <>
Subject:  New Message Board - 319TH BG/437TH BS Info?
Date:  Tue, 3 Apr 2001 21:22:24 -0500

Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to find out any information on the 437 Bomb Squadron (43' - '44). My Grandfather served with the 319th B.G./437th B.S. in North Africa (43'-44?)....He was an engineer/top turret gunner ("Lady Katy, Coughing Coffin")  I was wondering if you could point me in the direction on finding more information about his outfit and specific aircraft that he served with during WWII.  Also, If you know where I can obtain photos of the above mentioned B-26s & squadrons.
Thank You,

From:  "EJ & Lonnie Bailey" <>
To:  <>
Subject:  Edward Joseph Parenti
Date:  Wed, 28 Mar 2001 17:47:28 -0800
Dear Sir.

I was told that you might be able to help me find out about my father. He
was a LT Colonel in the US Air Force. I made contact with Bobbie Slayton who
is married to Deke Slayton. She had a signed picture of my father and
suggested either you or Joseph Connaught might be able to help me discovery
my father and his job and who he was. I do however regreat to inform you
that he died 12-28-1982. My name is Eddie Jo Bailey, formaly Eddie Jo

Thank You so Much

Eddie Jo Bailey

Subject:  New Message Board
Date:  Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:25:24 EST
Hi Blair,

I love the new message board, just waiting for more people to find and use
I did not know if the Message Board had an Attachment option or if you
thought it would be of interest, but I found a new book published in 2000.
"Warbird TECH Series Volume 29 titled MARTIN B-26 MARAUDER"
I scanned, and will attach, a picture to this e-mail that is on page 48 of
this book. It shows the Germans with a captured B-26 that was on it's
delivery flight to the 319th BG in October  1942. The book tells of the 319th
numerous times.
Louise Hampton

From:  Sue Cook <
To:  "''"
Subject:  Jess Edward Montgomery
Date:  Wed, 21 Mar 2001 11:27:58 -0500

I've written to you before, but have a new story to tell you about
my brother, Major Jess Edward Montgomery who was an officer of the 438th and
is on your site in a picture of the officers together with Deke Slayton on
I'm attaching a photo of Ed (many knew him as Jess or Monty, too)
which you might want to put on your Taps page or wherever you think it is
Here's the new story about Ed by his baby sister.  (Only sister!  21
years apart in age.)
  <see story here>

A brief Message from your Webmaster:

I have added TWO NEW  PAGES to the 319th.
A Message Board and an Instant Chat window. Both can be found on the Index Page Navigational Bar. Please try them out. If there is any problems please email me with them and I'll look into possible fixes. 

 Thank you,
02/17/01 BW

From:  braxton bradford <
Subject:  319th info help
Date:  Wed, 14 Feb 2001 07:55:09 -0500

good morning.
 looking for picts/info on 1lt edmond c lange. he was a bombardier; but don't know plane or crew.
 thanks in advance for your help.
 braxton bradford

Braxton, I can't personally help you but one of our members might be able to.

John Grochowski  Please contact the Webmaster here.
Scroll down to your previous post for details.
02/05/01 BW

Notice: the following email addresses for members here have bounced back to me because of permanent delivery failure. Please update your email addresses with me when you change them. The following addresses have been removed from my email list in regards to bulletins I send out.

1/15/01 BW             

From:  "Ed and Tracy Schrader" <
To:  "webmaster" <> 
Subject:  registration for 319th bomb group
Date:  Tue, 9 Jan 2001 21:23:39 -0500

 Schrader, Edward J (jr)  son of Edward J Schrader  Msgt.  319th in North Africa.  Built "uncle Ed's big little 5 watter"  radio station during the war for the entertainment of the military..   Was a radio gunner . 
 Want more information about him during this time.  he is deceased since 1989.

 Can anyone tell him more about his Father? BW 1/10/01

From:  grochowsjs29 <
Subject:  319'th BG member
Date:  Sat, 9 Dec 2000 23:19:53 -0600

 I am emailing you because after my grandfather Alfred Parker, who recently passed away I found out he was a member of the 319'th.  Going through old photos I came across a 8 1/2 by 11 that was titled 319'th Bomb Group: Fifteen Famous Planes, 1716 total combat sorties, 12,248:50 Total flying hours. Conspicuously absent from the photo was the Squadron designation which had been cut out.  The rest of this Photo contains thumbnail pictures of 15 noses of aircraft with the number of sorties flown under each one. These range from 100 to 146 sorties with names like Little Scirocco, Zero 4, Big Ass Bird and Modern Design.  The only name that I can read on any of these planes (which appear to be B-26's) is that of one  LT A.D. Michel who flew a plane named "O'Rileys Daughter". Any information on what squadron this was would be greatly appreciated.  My grandfather retired from the Air Force as a LT but he never talked much about his wartime service.
 Thank You, 
 2LT John Grochowski 
 A Co. 2-127'th (Light INF) 
 32'nd INF Brigade

 Do you think you could send a copy or a scanned image of the picture
Is it possible to get copies of all that stuff to post on the website? Scans would be fine if you could burn them to CD and mail them to me. Anything you've got that could be posted.
Meanwhile I'll post your letter on the site for everyone and see if anyone has any info. for you.

Hi Blair:
That composite picture of the fifteen planes I can identify "Big Ass
Bird" and "Lonesome Polecat" as 438th planes as I flew both of them one
time or another, getting too old to remember all of them.
I had a copy of that photo but have long since misplaced it and I don't
know of anyone else who has one.
Paul "Rip" Collins, Pilot, 438th.

 Hi Blair: The Grochowski issue was a message from John Grochowski 2nd. Lt., A Co. 2-127th (Light Inf), 32nd INF. Brigade, it was dated Sat. 9 Dec., 2000 and was in the Bulletin. Grochowski's grandfather was Alfred Parker who was a member of the 319th in WWII. John was going through his grandfathers belongings and came across that composite of the Groups 15 most famous planes. Please see if you can contact him and get him to have it put on a CD so you can put it on screen for us to print out.
 rip collins, 438th

 Hi again Blair: Well on your 319th web page there was email from a guy named Grochowski who found an 8 1/2 x 11 composite of fifteen planes (B-26) showing the nose art and he wanted to know about it. You asked us to send you what we know about it. I had an 8X10 copy of it but have misplaced it. Blair I think that picture is of the GROUPS fifteen most famous plans in number of missions etc. NOT any one squadron, as I told you before I know "Big Ass Bird" was a 438th plane some of the others I did not recognize. Joe Connaughton knows about this picture and he also knows no one else that we know of has one, so if you can get your hands on that picture you've really got something a lot of guys would like to have - including me! See if you can get Grochowski to have it put on a CD for you and mail it to you so you can put it on screen to us so we can print it out - I for one would sure appreciate it.
 rip collins, 438th.

 I've tried emailing you but your address is no longer valid, as far as I can tell. If you are reading this please contact me.
 Your friendly neighborhood Webmaster for the 319th.
 B+  2/5/01

Hi 319th People,

 The following is a card that many of you have received from me by snail
mail. The response has been very good. However, we need much more to complete the story.
Please send what you can and encourage other to do the same.  Let's make this
project a maximum effort.  
 Do it.

(The attached is a photo just about all of have, and now we know who
took the picture)
<~Click Here.


To those with 319th Pacific Theatre experiences.

 Joseph Connaughton (438th Bomb./Nav.) and I (439th Pilot) are collaborating to document the happenings of those 319th people who served in the Pacific on the ground or in the air.  What we need is anecdotes, photos (with names and places), squadron rosters, clubs, mission experiences, typhoon experiences, photos taken of squadron mascots, oddities, off duty incidents, poems, letters home, in route incidents (by ground, air, or sea), or anything else you may have that would be of interest.
What happened to those of you that were sent to Japan and Korea is also needed. Joe will put together a story based on the information gathered. I will package the material received into a CD-ROM disk that will be available for what ever my out-of-pocket expenses turn out to be.
Those submitting material will be credited by name and the CD will be copyrighted to prevent unauthorized use of your material.
To reduce the cost of putting this together, please send along a suitable self-addressed envelope if you wish your material to be returned.

 This your chance to be a part of history. Take a look through the old foot locker.

 Best regards to all
 Gene Ryan, P.O Box 44, Macdoel, CA 96058. (530)398-4152)

This was forwarded to me by my Uncle Dan. I thought I should post it for everyone. BW
Date: 10/21/2000 3:32 PM


I received this email from a friend with whom I served. He is a pilot in HSL-42 who is presently deployed with the USS Hawes. This is something to think about and, probably a better insight than CNN could give.

It wasn't until a few days ago though, that we started doing something that I feel may be the first thing I've seen in my short Naval career that has truly made a difference. Right now we're supporting the USS COLE and her crew in Aden. When the attack occurred we were a day away. Just by luck we happened to be on our way out of the Gulf and headed towards the Suez and could get here in a relatively short amount of time.

I know what you all have seen on CNN, because we have seen it too. I just want you all to know that what you see doesn't even scratch the surface. I'm not going to get into it for obvious reasons. But I will tell you that right now there are 250+ sailors just a few miles away living in hell on Earth. I'm sitting in a nice air conditioned stateroom, they're sleeping out on the decks at night. You can't even imagine the conditions they're living in, and yet they are still fighting 24 hours a day to save their ship and free the bodies of those still trapped and send them home. As bad as it is, they're doing an incredible job. The very fact that these people are still functioning is beyond my comprehension. Whatever you imagine as the worst, multiply it by ten and you might get there.

Today I was tasked to photo rig the ship and surrounding area. It looked so much worse than I had imagined, unbelievable really, with debris and disarray everywhere, the ship listing, the hole in her side. I wish I had the power to relay to you all what I have seen, but words just won't do it.

I do want to tell you the first thing that jumped out at me - the Stars and Stripes flying. I can't tell you how that made me feel...even in this God forsaken hellhole our flag was more beautiful than words can describe. Then I started to notice the mass of activity going on below, scores of people working non-stop in 90 plus degree weather to save this ship. They're doing it with almost no electrical power and they're sleeping (when they can sleep) outside on the decks because they can't stand the smell or the heat or the darkness inside.

They only want to eat what we bring them because they're all scared of eating something brought by the local vendors. Even with all that, the USS COLE and her crew is sending a message guys, and it's that even acts of cowardice and hate can do nothing to the spirit and pride of the United States. I have never been so proud of what I do, or of the men and women that I serve with as I was today. There are sixteen confirmed dead sailors who put it on the line for all of us, and some of them are still trapped here. Please take a minute to pray for their families and say a word of thanks for their sacrifice - one made so that we can live the lives that we do.

All of you that serve with me, thank you. All of you that have loved ones that serve,
thank you.

From: <>
To: <>Forwarded to Blair.
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2000 2:58 PM 
Subject: Father in 319th 
 Sir: I believe my Dad was a member of the 319th from North Africa to England. 
 I have pictures of him in Sardinia & Corsica. He is standing next to Big Ass  Bird and an aircraft with a Rabbit. Also one with a large Breasted Female  painted on the side with the name BIG T_ _'s.  His name is Manuel Muniz. He flew Waist and Turret, also Fixed them. He told  me a story about putting together a wrecked P-38 and almost getting killed  trying to fly it. If you have any information I would like to hear from  anyone who might have known him. His health is failing and I would like to  pass his stories to his grand kids.  I am currently a Master Sergeant in the Nevada Air National Guard stationed  in Reno Nevada. Thank you for your time and consideration. 
My home E-mail  address is Looking forward to your response. 

Hi Blair,
    Here's an  update excerpt on the "McAlliser Case" from Giuseppe I recently received. Might be of interest to post on the 319th board.
Hello Joe,

I'm Giuseppe from Italy. How do you do ? I enter in touch again with you because I need of your help, if it is possible.I think you well remember the "McAlliser Case", an article that I wrote about a B-25 pilot killed by Germans . Well with the help of American friends I was able to find his brother, have from him some pictures and , more important, to do that the municipality of the village where McAllister was executed, remembering and honoring him with a plaque during a ceremony on 25 april 2001, on the place where the pilot was killed. This thing is now well known also from the Veterans of the 57thWing , and very probably some of them will be present at Recoaro on this date. 

Hi Brock,
 I have not contacted you in a while and I hope this 4th of July finds you well and happy. Research on my Dad, Charles E. Smith 440th, has taken me to some fascinating stories and I thought I would share one with you.
 I knew the 319th BG was called COL RANDY'S FLYING CIRCUS for their leader Randy Holzapple and their 6 plane take off and landing technique on Sardinia. What others knew, but I was amazed to find out ... the first FLYING CIRCUS belonged to Baron Manfred von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron.  He of course was the top Ace of WWI  with 80 planes shot down to his credit. And he was  German.  Flying Circus meant that every available pilot and plane went into the air in one tight formation sweep.  Anything intercepted by this armada was doomed.  As long as they maintained a tight formation they enjoyed perfect protection and security.  The 319th kept a very tight formation also.  The Red Barons biggest air fight up to the time was on July 12, 1917 where they engaged in aerial fighting for 1 hour!  On July 12, 1944 my Dad received his Air Medal.  The Red Barons mechanic was named  Holzapfel ... very similar to the 319th's Holzapple!.  After the Red Barons death, a man named Reinhart was instructed to become leader of the Circus.  Bernard Rienhart was a member of the 319th BG, 440th BS during WWII, my Dad's unit. FASCINATING!! Do you know any other fascinating facts  about the 319? Louise.

You are Sharp!!!
  Yes I have known about the Red Baron since childhood. I have always kind of snickered at the name for this reason. I never heard us referred to as the Flying Circus until after the War. It is in Esther's history on the front page and Ron used it as a banner on the flyer. So I said "what the hell if they want to be a flying circus, So be it" I did not think that it was a very good moniker for a bomb group. I also was an ardent fan of Eddie Rickenbacker of ww1 fame. I also never heard the name Randy until after the war. WE the enlisted men called him Joe. He was one helluva guy no matter what he was called. How about me putting your message on the board and we will open up a friendly discussion. Thank you for the message, it was great, Cheers, Brock 

Thank you so much for leading me to this site!  This is a Godsend.  My father, like all vets of W.W.II is up in age.  It has taken the coming of the Internet to give me the opportunity to seek out the history of the B-26 and to attempt to locate those my father may have know during that period. I am very, very grateful you took the time to email.  
God bless...Dennis