Hi Brock,
I came across a few more thoughts on the Flying Circus.  Page 93 and 94 of BOMBS ON THE TARGET show the caricatures on the walls of the beach club in August 1944 with the circus atmosphere.

Also read a book called ONE DAMNED ISLAND AFTER ANOTHER by Howard and Whitley in 1946.  I quote their writing,
"There were changes which brought to the Pacific some of the glamour - if it can be called that - of the European air war. Holzapple's Circus, a hot flying Mediterranean outfit and the vanguard of the redeployed European air forces, landed their brand new A-26's on the airstrip at Naha. Okinawa supported the greatest show of flying force in the war against the Japanese along with all the others were two dozen wicked-looking A-26 attack-bombers of Holzapple's Circus, throwing their muscles around at medium altitude."

I thought it was neat to read both of those!  Also I attached a picture of Holzapfel and the Red Baron's Flying Circus.  I thought I copied the words too but I see I did not.  It goes with the other picture I sent you of the Red Baron in his red plane. From Louise Hampton.  PHOTO