FORWARD BY: Major General Roger Rhodarmer This is the 50th Anniversary of the United States Air Force as a separate service.  Perhaps this would be a good time to recognize the 319th members that contributed to making the USAF the force it is today.   

There are one hundred seventy members of the 319th who made the Air Force a career.  This information was taken from the July 1, 1979, 319th Bomb Group Roster that was prepared by Esther Oyster from a survey of its members.  I also consulted with Esther on the data to come up with the numbers.  The  
breakout by rank is as follows:  

Eleven generals, thirty two colonels, fifty four lieutenant colonels, twenty four majors, five captains, two lieutenants, three CWOs, six chief master sergeants, five senior master sergeants, eighteen master sergeants, five technical sergeants, one staff sergeant, and three,  rank unknown.   

Without a doubt we have the greatest and most powerful Air Force in the world.  We're all proud of that!  I know that General Randy Holzapple was very proud of the number of 319thers that made their contribution to building the new and emerging United States Air Force.     

Joseph R. Holzapple Headquarters General
Sam W. Agee Headquarters Major General
Gordon H. Austin Headquarters Major General
Joseph A. Cunningham 438 & Headquarters Major General
David M. Jones 438 & Headquarters Major General
Hugh B. Manson, Jr. Headquarters Major General
Fred E. Morris, Jr. 438 Major General
Roger K. Rhodarmer 439 Major General
Wilber W. Aring Headquarters Brigadier General
David W. Winn 440 Brigadier General
Roger L. Zeller 437 Brigadier General
Clyde E. Barker 438 Colonel
George E. Baucom 438 Colonel
Charles Brewton 437 & 439 Colonel
Robert W. Brown 437 Colonel
Legrand W. Burt 438 Colonel
David H. Buss 439 Colonel
William T. Byerly 439 Colonel
Daniel Callahan 440 Colonel
Frank B. Chappell 439 & Headquarters Colonel
Gwynn S. Curtis Headquarters Colonel
Frank A. Forbes 437 Colonel
Robert E. Herndon 440 Colonel
John N. Highley 438 Colonel
R. M. Hutton 437 Colonel
James S. Kale 439 Colonel
George H. King, Jr. 437 Colonel
Eric Kerr 437 Colonel
Richard J. Kettering Headquarters Colonel
Ed Little 440 Colonel
Joseph Madrano 439 Colonel
Frank Masters 439 Colonel
Newton F. Millen 437 Colonel
Carl R. Norton 438 Colonel
Charles F. O'Connor 439 Colonel
Clyde W. Owen 437 Colonel
Henry D. Rauchenstein 438 Colonel
William A. Sloan, Jr. 437 Colonel
Roger E. Templin 439 Colonel
Derrill Des. Trenholm 437 Colonel
Robert G. Woda 437 Colonel
Walter D. Wright 440 Colonel
Edward J. Zeuty 437 Colonel
Conrad C. Baldwin Headquarters Lieutenant Colonel
Roland J. Blair 439 Lieutenant Colonel
F. J. Blakee 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Roy C. Brown 437 Lieutenant Colonel
George F. Bruson 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Basil B. Burnstad 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Thomas Burson 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Richard Bushee 437 Lieutenant Colonel
George W. Carpenter 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Lynn Carter 440 Lieutenant Colonel
Frank Coffey 440 Lieutenant Colonel
Robert L. Dunning 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Theo O. Edwards 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Ray Finfer 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Edwin C. Fulgham 438 Lieutenant Colonel
John T. Gaffey 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Charles R. Gant 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Wm. E. Griffith, Sr. 440 Lieutenant Colonel
Willie E. Hardy 439 Lieutenant Colonel
David W. Heath 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Herbert M. Jacobs 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Ben Juskie 437 Lieutenant Colonel
C. Denver Lamp 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Jack A. Larkin 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Harold B. Lawson 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Ray M. Lien 439 Lieutenant Colonel
A. R. McCracken Headquarters Lieutenant Colonel
Murray P. McDevitt 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Bill H. Moranville 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Charles R. Myers, Jr. 438 & Headquarters Lieutenant Colonel
Edward J. Mysika 440 Lieutenant Colonel
Gerald W. Nash 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Raynond F. Nash, Jr. 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Edmund F. Ogozalek 439 Lieutenant Colonel
W. Donovan Oliver 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Joe Parker 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Theodore Pryor 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Ted C. Rammelkamp 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Alvin W. Smith 438 & 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Clyde F. Smith, Jr. 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Leo E. Smith 440 Lieutenant Colonel
Edward Steinman 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Parry L. Thomas 440 Lieutenant Colonel
Robert E. Thomas 439 Lieutenant Colonel
Warren Thrailkill Headquarters Lieutenant Colonel
William D. Titterton 440 Lieutenant Colonel
Lawrence Valade Headquarters Lieutenant Colonel
J. S. VanEpps 438 Lieutenant Colonel
John N. Week 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Robert N. Wesley 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Norborne B. White 437 Lieutenant Colonel
Paul A. Wiles 440 Lieutenant Colonel
Donald H. Young 438 Lieutenant Colonel
Adolph Zimmer 440 Lieutenant Colonel
E. M. Mitch Beard 439 Major
Louis Bitsko 438 Major
Dolphus E. Blodgett 438 Major
William K. Cole 437 Major
William D. Haley 439 Major
William Healey 439 Major
Fred T. Huggins 438 Major
Regis F. Jones 439 Major
Ray Kinsala 438 Major
Wilbur H. Leff 440 Major
Fayne S. McElroy 440 Major
Ben D. Merideth 437 Major
Jess Edward Montgomery 438 Major
Joseph Osipuk 440 Major
Carl R. Peterson 437 Major
Sim T. Price, III 439 Major
Murry D. Prusmack Headquarters Major
Phillip R. Pueschner 439 Major
Lawrence Ringey 437 Major
William J. Robinson 440 Major
Edwin Stratton 440 Major
David Summers, Jr. 439 Major
Guillermo Tavar 439 Major
Griffith P. Williams 440 Major
Charles H. Wolf 439 Major
Webster Brown 439 Captain
Marvin W. Corey 440 Captain
Richard Downing 440 Captain
James L. McNaulty 439 Captain
William Mikolasy 438 Captain
Leroy V. Davis 438 First Lieutenant
Elliot H. Reid 438 First Lieutenant
Neil A. Baker 438 Chief Warrent Officer
Gordon Little 437 Chief Warrent Officer
Paul Ofinowicz 437 Chief Warrent Officer
James L. Andrews 437 Chief Master Sergeant
Dennis McLain 437 Chief Master Sergeant
George Rowland 440 Chief Master Sergeant
Earl M. Sevits 437 Chief Master Sergeant
Elmer A. Schulte 439 Chief Master Sergeant
Ernest M. Waters 439 Chief Master Sergeant
Virgil L. Bell 438 Senior Master Sergeant
Aldo Gandofini 437 Senior Master Sergeant
Leroy D. Hartline 439 Senior Master Sergeant
Francis C. Napoletano 438 Senior Master Sergeant
Robert W. Wiswell 439 Senior Master Sergeant
W. R. Armstrong 437 Master Sergeant
James I. Carnes 440 Master Sergeant
Ernest H. Condon 439 Master Sergeant
Don L. Cooper 438 Master Sergeant
John J. Coyle 437 Master Sergeant
George R. Everhart 438 Master Sergeant
Lewis G. Fenton 439 Master Sergeant
Richard Ferrill 438 Master Sergeant
Robert L. Fessenden 439 Master Sergeant
Fred E. Geraghty 438 Master Sergeant
Irvin E. Gilpin 437 Master Sergeant
Peter A. Kucharski 437 Master Sergeant
Thomas Lester,, Jr. 439 Master Sergeant
Theodore W. Mallett 440 Master Sergeant
John P. Mattice 438 Master Sergeant
Joe J. Jost 440 Master Sergeant
Wm Plummer Myers 437 Master Sergeant
Raymond Phillips 440 Master Sergeant
Paul B. Chirdon 440 Technical Sergeant
George Doran 439 Technical Sergeant
Benjamin Gunter 439 Technical Sergeant
Charles E. Rogers 440 Technical Sergeant
Cleo A. Smith 437 Technical Sergeant
Boyd Dougherty Headquarters Staff Sergeant
Frank A. Boone 438 Unknown
Charles J. Cyran 439 Unknown
Hubert A. Hurley 440 Unknown